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We’re so excited you’ve chosen CV Linens as your event’s linen supplier! Whether you’re a bride-to-be or a busy event planner, events can definitely get hectic and sometimes you just need a second opinion – this is where our designers come in. By scheduling a consultation you’ll have true one-on-one time with an industry professional designer to get feedback on color palettes, recommendations on what colors and textures work well together, decor ideas, specific product recommendations, and general tips and tricks to make sure your event decor is a huge success!

Here’s what to expect…

Love to talk? Each phone consultation lasts around 15 minutes. During those 15 minutes you and your designer will discuss the points of interest in the form below. After your consultation a follow up email will be sent to you with what was discussed, products mentioned, and any additional advice or inspiration photos the designer has for your event.
Busy or a bit phone shy? If you choose to have an email consultation you’ll receive an email that has commentary on each of the points of interest from the form below, product suggestions, and any additional advice or inspiration photos the designer has for your event.
• We want to focus on making your event look the best, so we won’t focus on price or minor technicalities too much, but we do need to have a baseline to recommend appropriate products. Our friendly customer service department will always be happy to answer any pricing or technical sizing questions after your consultation, though!

We can’t wait to help you plan, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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