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Pipe drape set 24"x24" x 3/16" base, 8-14ft upright, 8-14ft crossbar backdrop stand - Black


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Price: $289.99   $259.99 Quantity: Each set contains:
- 1 x Crossbar support (drape support) rod 8ft to 14ft
- 2 x Telescopic Slip-fit Upright 8ft to 14ft with slip lock collar (Fits set B)
- 2 x Base stand 24" x 24" x 3/16" for slip fit system (Fits set B) - Black

CV Linens Pipe and drape package and backdrop stand is suitable for any events and weddings. Add your customs draping or backdrop to transform the ballroom. Take the guess work out of hanging a backdrop or building a trade show booth with our Pipe and Drape Sets! Use our Pipe and Drape Sets to transform a blank venue into a luxurious event, construct a photobooth, or make a privacy divider with our opaque drapes. Our Pipe and Drape Sets are easy to assemble can be paired with any of our drapes and backdrops to complete your desired effect! Available in multiple size options to ensure you're covered wherever you need them at your event.

Pair our Pipe and Drape Sets with our large line of luxe drapes, valance hangers, and drape support clamps (sold separately.)

Requires some tools for assembly. Not included.

Steel Base:
    Steel base assembly for uprights. Comes with a handle for easy transportation and molded for space saving stacking purpose. For slip fit system only.

    Quantity: 2 pieces

    Color: Black

    Dimensions: 24"x24". Base is 3/16" thick. Weighs approx. 28 lbs.

Aluminum upright:

    These high quality adjustable uprights are suitable for all events. The slip lock uprights could be adjusted depending on the user preference or limitation of the ceiling height.

    Quantity: 2 Uprights

    Dimensions: Adjustable 8 - 14 ft long. Outer Rod is 2" diameter, Inner Rod is 1.5" diameter. Pin is approx. 5.9" tall x 5.1" diameter.

    Material: High-quality Aluminum.

Aluminum Crossbar:

    These adjustable telescopic crossbar are required with the telescopic uprights and base. It is also known to be drapery rods. The adjustable crossbar has a hook at each end to latch on the slots of the telescopic upright.

    Quantity: 1 Crossbar

    Dimensions: Adjustable 8 - 14 ft long. Outer Rod is 2" diameter, Inner Rod is 1.5" diameter.

    Material: High-quality Aluminum.

    Weight Limit: Will support up to 15 lbs.

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