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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Chair Coverings

December 18, 2017

Plum, Black, White Sweetheart Table with Glitz and Chair Coverings

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Chair Coverings

For any type of party adding beautifully coordinated linens can accentuate the theme of the event. Not only is a theme great for wedding receptions and anniversary parties, but they can make any formal or informal event stand out. While many people take considerable time in selecting the right tablecloths, they might not stop to consider how the right chair covers can create the perfect additional element.

Typically in most event halls, reception rooms, and hotels there will be folding or banquet chairs. These are generally going to be a neutral color and are often well-used. A frayed chair can easily distract from the elegant look you want to create.

The answer to this problem is found through the amazing chair cover designs we offer. Chair coverings are a simple fabric form that slide over your chair. They’re extremely easy to set up and give the entire chair a softer and sophisticated look. There are many different styles and options to choose from. No matter the design you pick, they’ll provide you with the extra touch you’ve been looking for.

Simple and Elegant

At CV Linens we provide numerous options for chair coverings in a range of different styles. Slide-over covers for banquet and folding chairs come in a range of different colors and designs. Our selection ranges from ruched spandex fitted covers to loosely draped covers in satin fabrics.

No matter the chair cover base you choose, you can add to the look with a variety of different chair sashes or chair bands. These are the perfect way to highlight your color selection and add a decorative touch to any room. Layering your chair details is a sure way to enhance your decor.

Backs Only, Please

If you don’t want to go with a traditional chair covering, our chair back style may be the perfect option. These chair coverings are distinctive and rely heavily on beautiful design details to have a balance of chair design and touch of textile. From winter weddings to kid’s birthdays, they’re perfect for any theme.

To decorate the back of the chair in a more colorful and vibrant style, a chair cap is a terrific addition. These can be stylized to add texture and movement in the form of beautiful sheer organza. As they only slip over the top of a chair, they’re a great addition and easy to put on and take off for staff or when decorating for your own event.

Shop our Black & White/Plum Sweetheart Table Look

Chair Coverings Have Never Been Easier

With our wide variety of chair coverings at CV Linens we’re sure you’ll find just what you want! We offer a full range of colors and styles in chair caps and coverings to make your event a memorable one. Need help deciding what chair cover will fit your venue’s chair? Give us a call at (512) 821-1178 and we’ll be happy to help!

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