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4 Step Guide to DIY Wedding Centerpieces

July 14, 2016
Making your own DIY wedding centerpieces can be stressful enough without ending in the worrisome conclusion of “Something is missing!”

A quick read through this post will save you sleepless nights feverishly sharing photos of your DIY wedding centerpieces over wedding forums, or the nightmare scenario of going over-budget to hire a professional to help out at the last minute. All you will need to create beautiful, stress-free centerpieces is our fool-proof, step-by-step Centerpiece Secret Formula! Follow along and we promise you can’t go wrong.

Step One: The Base

A base may sound like a trivial part of the centerpiece, but it’s actually the foundation for building your decorative theme! For example, a lantern on a table is just a lantern, where a lantern on a mossy slice of wood is part of a woodland theme, or the same lantern on top of a length of wood and lifesaver is a piece of a nautical theme. A base is used to group a collection of items together into a cohesive statement. By giving extra consideration to your base, you are on the road to creating a much more polished finished product. We suggest round mirrors, lace doilies, wood slices, or books as decor centerpieces.

Step Two: The Main Item

Your main item should be the item you would like to be the central focus of your centerpiece. Floral arrangements, lanterns, table numbers, or decorative trees are all easy, picture-perfect main items for a centerpiece. Once you have placed your main centerpiece items on their bases you have the framework for a gorgeous creation. The mistake most make when creating their DIY wedding centerpieces is assuming once a main item is on a base it completes a centerpiece, when in fact you’re only halfway to perfection! Keep at it, the next steps are what will make your centerpiece extra fantastic.

Step Three: Accent Items

The accent items are the tiny details that will bring out the beauty in your main centerpiece item. Adding small candlesticks, flower blossoms, pillar candles, or tea/LED lights are all amazing options for giving your centerpiece a more finished design. Your accent items are the minutiae that will take your centerpieces to the next level! Most of these items can be purchased in bulk, so it doesn’t add too much cost to the overall design.

Step Four: Finishing Touches

The final touches to your centerpiece are what will differentiate a DIY wedding centerpieces and a professionally created centerpiece. Try decorating the bases of your centerpiece with loose flower petals, floral moss, or crystals to finish off your centerpieces and dress them in complete perfection!

There you have it! The secret to creating beautiful centerpieces every time. No need to panic, or toss and turn over decorative vases and pillar candles. Enjoy stress free decorating with our four step Secret Centerpiece Formula!

Let’s see your centerpieces!

Planning a wedding or event? Try our four step Secret Centerpiece Formula and share it with us. Send us your centerpiece photos via Facebook or tag us on Instagram with #cvlinens.

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