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3 Peppermint Christmas Table Strategies the Pros Use

November 27, 2017

peppermint Christmas table

Christmas is right around the corner! One of our most commonly requested themes is for a peppermint Christmas table. This all-out design is perfect for any event that relies heavily on a theme, including baby showers and quinceañeras. One of the best ways to welcome guests and make them feel invited to an event or your home is a luxurious set up, so definitely don’t overlook your next table setting.

Whether you’re going to plan a full party or just incorporate this look into your home decor, read below for our favorite tips on decorating like the pros!

3 Tablescape Strategies to Impress Your Guests

Layer Your Place Settings

Layering may seem overwhelming, but if you take it one step at a time it couldn’t be easier. In our mock up above we have four main layers: napkin, charger plate, dining plate, and plate toppers. Let’s break each one down.

Napkins are a complete necessity! What fabric you choose is overall your choice, but our polyester and satin napkins are definitely best sellers. Using quality fabric napkins means you can incorporate showing them off on your place setting. We used a simple hanging fold in our mock up above and dazzled it up with a rhinestone pin. Don’t be afraid to create an intricate napkin fold or adorn your napkin to maximize its full decor potential.

Charger Plate
In addition to napkins, chargers are the back bone of every place setting. Not only are they a major decor element, but they’re also highly functional. Charger plates can save the day by catching spills so your table linens stay safe. With such a statement piece you’ll want to choose a charger that matches your utensil color or stands out as a huge decor element. Luckily, we have a variety of charger plates to choose from in different textures and materials.

Dining Plate
Easily the most straightforward part of assembling a place setting! If you’re hosting a small affair at your home you can use what you have on hand, or pick up solid white china that will match any decor you choose. If you’re having a larger event, opt for high-quality plasticware for a gorgeous touch that won’t break the bank. We used our silver classic plastic plates in our peppermint Christmas table above.

Plate Toppers
A dining plate may be the easiest part of a set up, but plate toppers are without a doubt the most fun! In our mock up we accented each place setting with a gift box and peppermint accent to tie our theme together. The top of a plate is an area where you can let your imagination run wild. A few of our favorite ideas include menus, intricate napkin folds, favor boxes or bags, and finally place cards. Make sure each element ties in with your color palette or theme because keeping your overall aesthetic is key to successful decor.

Enhance With Small Decor Elements

Small decor may be compact but it will provide a huge impact on the overall look of your table. The main focus of a tablescape is usually a floral centerpiece, but that alone may make your table seem bare due to the size of a table. Depending on your own personal aesthetic, small decor can include candle holders, crystal accents, themed decor, and smaller floral accents. Symmetrically layer each element to the left and right of your main centerpiece for easy set up. To demonstrate, our peppermint Christmas table features all-white winter trees, polar bears, and acrylic crystal candle holders. Your local craft store will be a rather great resource for additional small touches!

Use Multiple Textures

Multiple textures may seem scary, but in reality, they’re the spice of a tablescape. Think about the last time you saw a room with beige furniture, beige carpet, and beige walls. Boring! Table settings are no exception to decor rules. In our mock up above we incorporated seven different textures: glitz sequin, satin, sheer voile, gathered lamour satin, rhinestones, glass, and acrylic crystals. The key to textures is making sure everything is in moderation and perfectly placed. If you’re new to setting up a tablescape keep your elements symmetrical and extremely bold textures to a minimum. An easy linen to make bold is a napkin because they’re inexpensive, available in a variety of colors and fabrics, and can be a huge focal point depending on your napkin fold.

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