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Round Table Overlay Sizing Combinations

May 10, 2018

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Round Table Overlay Sizing

Table overlays are an easy way to add color and texture to your tablescape without breaking the bank. While your primary interest may be focused on selecting the right color and material, you’ll first need to determine which size table overlay to order for your special event.

We carry four primary sizes of square table overlays, including 54″, 72″, 85″, and 90″. Which round table overlay sizing combination you end up using is largely based on your table size and personal preference. Our 85″ table overlays are exclusive to our luxury linen lines, such as satin rosette, but our 54″, 72″, and 90″ table overlays include both standard and specialty fabrics.

In our video above we show you the most common table overlay and round table size combinations to help you decide which will be the best option for your event.

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Round Table Overlay Sizing is Easier Than You Think

We hope this walk-through helps you when choosing your round table overlay sizing combination! Don’t forget to check out our wide variety of table overlays. Choose CV Linens for quality wholesale wedding and event linens you can trust and rely on.

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