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Your Free Guide to Spring Wedding Colors

March 23, 2018

Spring Wedding Color Ideas inlcuding navy, purple, and light pink

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Your Free Guide to Spring Wedding Colors

The Pantone Spring 2018 color trend report is here and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Every season the experts at the Pantone Color Institute release their predictions for what the most popular color trends will be in fashion and the rest of the design world. We all know what a crucial element color is for any design, whether it’s for home decor, event design, or a high fashion runway show. Our free guide to spring wedding colors highlights a few of our favorite spring colors inspired by Pantone’s picks, and shows you how style them as well as provide additional color recommendations.

Pantone’s spring collection is comprised of sixteen striking, must-have colors for the season. Split between classic and top 12 colors, we love that we get even more to experiment with and pair together to create refreshing new designs that capture the springtime ambiance! Here at CV Linens, we make it a priority to stay on top of all the latest and greatest trends to suit our customer’s design needs and pass our knowledge onto you.

We’ve compiled our top six favorite Pantone spring wedding colors and their CV Linens match! Although our dye lots cannot guarantee an exact Pantone color match, we worked hard to find the closet pair that will make any design shine.

Spring Wedding Color - Purple/Ultra Violet


Matches Panetone’s Ultra Voilet

The color of royalty and Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year! This magnificent bright purple shade is not only royal in nature but also adds the perfect pop of color. When paired with bright contrasting colors it is a showstopper.
Our color palette: Purple, lavender, serenity, silver
Also pairs nicely with: Dark turquoise, royal blue, blush, gold
Fabric suggestions: Polyester, glitz sequin, accordion taffeta

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Spring Wedding Color - Pastel Pink/Almost Mauve

Pastel Pink

Matches Panetone’s Almost Mauve

This brilliant, light nude-pink is a softer take on one of the most popular colors over the last few years. Our match to Pantone’s Almost Mauve is pastel pink, one of our favorite colors we offer with the highest demand. No one can get enough of this lovely color!
Our color palette: Pastel pink, white, silver
Also pairs nicely with: Turquoise, lavender, willow green, fuchsia
Fabric suggestions: Satin, polyester, lamour satin

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Spring Wedding Color - Navy Blue/Sailor Blue

Navy Blue

Matches Panetone’s Sailor Blue

There’s a reason that Pantone’s Sailor Blue is considered a classic – it never goes out of style! Our navy blue is almost a perfect match to this powerful statement color. One of our favorite things about this color is that it pairs beautifully with both warm and cool tones!
Our color palette: Navy blue, clover, silver
Also pairs nicely with: Dark turquoise, purple, champagne, gold
Fabric suggestions: Pinchwheel, assorted rosette, lamour satin

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Spring Wedding Color - Blooming Dahlia/Coral


Matches Panetone’s Blooming Dahlia

Nothing says spring like bright vibrant colors! Our coral is a softer match to Pantone’s Blooming Dahlia, an exquisite warm-pink shade. Make an impact with this bold attention grabbing color for a playful spring design.
Our color palette: Coral, turquoise, white, silver
Also pairs nicely with: Fuchsia, peach, lavender, blush
Fabric suggestions: Curly willow, taffeta, sheer voile

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Spring Wedding Color - Apple Red/Chili Oil

Apple Red

Matches Panetone’s Chili Oil

We absolutely love warm tones in the fall, but there’s something special about seeing this rich tone paired with usual vibrant spring wedding colors that is nothing short of mesmerizing! Our apple red is a little more saturated than chili oil, but it still makes a heavenly match.
Our color palette: Apple red, blush, ivory, gold
Also pairs nicely with: Navy blue, silver, gold, champagne
Fabric suggestions: Satin, assorted rosette, glitz sequin

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Spring Wedding Color - Champagne/Warm Sand


Matches Panetone’s Warm Sand

The perfect neutral! We’re obsessed with this warm-toned shade that matches with our champagne. It’s the perfect base color for any design. Whether you arrange it with pink, blue, or beyond the combinations are endless.
Our color palette: Champagne, chocolate brown, white, silver
Also pairs nicely with: Blush, navy blue, ivory, gold
Fabric suggestions: Lamour Satin, payette sequin, glitz sequin

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Download Free Spring Wedding Color Guide


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