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Event Trends to Look Out for in 2023

The events business took a big hit during the pandemic, but things are looking up for 2023. Despite the financial crisis, event professionals still have high hopes for the coming year. If you share the same optimism, it will help if you know the latest event trends to keep up with to help your event planning business.


Increased in-person events top next year's event trends

People can't wait to get back out there after being forced to stay home for years during the pandemic. And it shows in the eagerness of event professionals to start organizing more in-person events. It is likely because virtual events cannot fully replicate the magic of in-person gatherings. For instance, trade shows thrive more when done in person compared to online. event planning business.



Rise of Hybrid Events

There might be more in-person events in 2023, but it does not mean virtual events will get scrapped entirely. There might be more hybrid events to take advantage of the virtual events' minimal cost of hosting, valuable insights, increased attendance, and lower travel cost for participants.

Use of Event Technology

The pandemic forced everyone to innovate. Contactless transactions were one of the few ways to continue doing business while reducing the risk of spreading the virus. As a result, you can expect more events to incorporate event technology to manage these events better, with tools that include the following:
  • Event Registration Tools

These can facilitate advanced ticket sales and create custom registration web pages where you can display your brand.

  • Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in the latest event trends 

These are usually a hit at educational conventions or any event because of the unique "wow" adventure they provide to the users. For instance, they help event participants gain a unique glimpse into the human body or float with the constellations using VR or AR.

  • Live translation in gatherings where some participants do not speak the language 

Since some events are now held online or mixed offline and online settings, participants are bound to come from different parts of the world. It increases the chances of getting participants who need help understanding your language. You can now use live translation apps to make things easier for foreign guests.


Sustainability Factors In 

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In 2022, discussions about the environment and climate crisis have ramped up and will show in organizing live events. Look for eco-friendly venues, suppliers with sustainability campaigns, reusable event solutions, and sustainable event design. You can use and re-use these supplies if you find a reliable supplier of supplies, such as tablecloths, charger plates, backdrops, chair covers, and other event linens and goods. It can be your way of promoting sustainability, too.

Increased Data Collection

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The advancement of data-gathering techniques allows event professionals to gain more insights into what the clients and audiences want. These techniques may include venue search engine results, social media interactions, and email feedback. Getting more information allows event planners and hosts to customize the events to their audience's preferences and give them a good consumer experience.

More Family-Oriented Events

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On top of accommodating more participants by organizing hybrid events, more organizations tend to turn their events into ones that include their employees' families. This trend could be due to businesses' efforts to help employees balance their personal and professional lives. 

Social Media-Friendly Photo Ops

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Events only create a buzz if the participants talk about it on social media. Weddings, corporate events, and birthdays will likely continue to have photo booths. Participants would want to be able to take that perfect Instagram shot so allow them to do so with proper lighting, cute backdrops, delicate-looking drapes, and colorful props. 

Increased Health and Safety Precautions

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The pandemic is under better control now than it was a few years ago, but events still focus on ensuring the participants' health and safety. Risk assessment is still on every event planner's mind. Events must have enough sanitation stations and ample distance between the chairs and tables to keep risks low.

Emerging Wedding Trends

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Weddings represent a chunk of the growing number of events, as around 2.5 million weddings are estimated to have occurred in 2022.

This year's most popular wedding trends include hosting back-garden weddings, elegant cake arches and hoops, weekday weddings, particularly for those with a small guest list, and virtual save-the-dates. For 2022 wedding event decor trends, bold and vibrant colors were in, so it would have been normal to have tablecloths in bright yellow, canary yellow, apple red, and such. Fairytale lighting was a hit, from classic fairy lights to string light installations, something many event suppliers have. Table layouts this year were also unique, including single-length dining tables, X-shaped long tables, U-shapes, and infinity shapes, among others.


For 2023, the wedding decor trends also include LED lighting, which can be placed on the wedding arch, aisle, tables, ceilings, and everywhere else. Floral centerpieces will be even bigger next year because they add a romantic feeling during weddings. They might be in the most popular wedding colors of 2023, such as digital lavender, emerald green, dusty rose, earth tones, sage green, orange, yellow, dusty blue, and blush pink. 


The use of table linens is an essential element of any table setting. Pick ones that match the theme of your event. Linens may include tablecloths, napkins, runners, and placemats. Candles and candelabras bring romance to any tabletop. Glasses and china provide function and form, with the trending colors being gold and silver and the patterns being marble, art deco, tactile, and rustic. 



Centerpieces are still key decor trends this 2023. They could be lanterns, branches, pumpkins, or flowers. They could also be made of crystal candelabras, flower vases, candle holders, flower stands, and more.

Choosing a Supplier

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All the event trends mentioned, from the in-person events and the use of event technology to sustainability considerations and emerging wedding trends, can be applied to your next event. You can keep abreast with these trends for 2023 if you choose the right event supply and linen company, where you can get all your tablecloths, chair covers, event draping, centerpieces, backdrops, and more.

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