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Simple Fairy Light Lantern Centerpieces

Simple Fairy Light Lantern Centerpieces

Fairy Light Centerpiece FTD

Your Fairy Light Centerpiece

The fairy light look is not only adorable, it’s incredibly on trend! If you have perused woodland themed weddings, you will know the fairy light lantern centerpiece is everything!

Are you looking for the perfect centerpiece for your Woodland Themed Event? We have the perfect, easy, DIY solution! Follow along to achieve full fairy light perfection.

These Fairy Light Lanterns will make your tablescape twinkle while the Spanish moss while will bring an earthy, woodland tie-in to your decor.
Fairy Light Centerpiece Jar 1

You will need the following items to create this beauty:

• One lantern, vase, or other floral holder
• Dried Spanish Craft Moss (1 bag per small centerpiece vase)
Toronado 20 Lights (1+ per centerpiece, depending on how lit up you’re wanting the end result to be)


Now that you have collected your materials, assembling your centerpieces is a snap in two simple steps!

Fairy Light Centerpiece Jar 2
Step 1:

Lay out all of your items needed to create your centerpiece. Once laid out, place the base of the Toronado 20 Light in the middle of your vase and spiral it upwards. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just a starting point.

Step 2:

Begin to layer the moss, taking care to obscure the battery pack and any cords. Luckily, it’s a tiny battery pack! Be sure the lights can peer through the glass without being covered in the moss. This may take several arrangements before you are satisfied with the final results, but it usually takes no more than ten minutes to finish a small centerpiece.

Fairy Light Centerpiece Showcase

There you have it, your Fairy Light Centerpiece is ready to dazzle your guests! You can add the optional touches of tiny succulents or miniature plastic animals to suit the needs of your decor.

We would love to see your centerpiece creations, tag us on Instagram at #cvcustomercreations, or email us your photos at!

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