Crystal Column Tabletop Centerpiece - Gold

Crystal Column Tabletop Centerpiece - Gold

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Looking for the perfect centerpiece, decorative detail, or pretty accessory for your party? We have just the thing for you, with our Crystal Column Tabletop Centerpiece! This gorgeous piece features a shiny Gold plated base, a matching Gold topper two-and-a-half feet higher, and the space between filled with 24 strands of 1/2" octagonal acrylic crystals. Our Crystal Column Tabletop Centerpiece is dripping with elegance and sure to dazzle the guests of your special event!

Pair with any of the other items in our Crystal Product Line for effortless decor cohesion!

Material: Gold-plated metal & 24 strands of acrylic crystals

Total Height: Approx. 31"

Base Size: Approx. 8"

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