Balloon Transparent Boxes

Create a lasting impression on your guests using our awesome and versatile Transparent Balloon Boxes for your next special occasion! With an eye-catching balloon display inside transparent boxes with numbers and letters, your guests will pick up on the vibe of the event at first sight. These fabulous transparent balloon boxes are sure to add a significant wow factor to your event in no time!

Many event planners find that a single great prop can help add structure to the decor for them to build off of and tie everything all neatly together. These clear balloon boxes offer just that with a customizable setup option that allows you to enhance the theme and color palette of your special event in an easy and stress-free way. Easily fill these boxes with balloons, flowers, lights, garland, and even items dear to your themes such as a beloved teddy bear for a first birthday or first date mementos for an engagement party. Choose from many options among our clear box sets including ones that spell out BABY, BOY, GIRL, ONE, and LOVE, or choose our number boxes to create your own custom date for a New Year party, graduation, anniversary celebration, or birthday milestone. These clear cubes are approx. 12” W x12” H x12” L in size, and are lightweight paper block boxes that are easy to assemble and takedown. No need for timely and complicated DIY projects! These boxes are easy and quick to assemble, so forget the glue and other setup complications. They are foldable and reusable so that you can use them for your next party or event.

Terrific as a party photography background decoration or event decor, you'll love our balloon boxes for the endless possibilities they bring to your party. Stack them under a balloon archway, set them up in the entryway, use against a curtain backdrop, arrange them by the dessert or cake table, use them around the head table, or even along the band stage to bring depth and dimension to your party scape. They can be used indoors or out, making them great for any event and any destination, especially seeing as how portable they are!

Make any celebration magical. These boxes are perfect for your engagement party, bridal shower, baby shower, wedding reception or ceremony, anniversary, or graduation, or even add a splash of color to your announcement photos. No helium required for this party balloon decor! Skip buying that fancy helium machine or the hassle of visiting your local party store to fill up your balloons. These balloon cube boxes work best with 5” balloons that don't need helium to make a statement, simply use fill them with air and done. What a fantastic, stress-free way to make one-of-a-kind personalized event decorations! Along with our low wholesale prices, you'll begin to realize why event planners and coordinators love our event decor for making a big impact without the big cost. Start shopping now to save!

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