Stripe Satin 8ft H x 58"W Backdrop Panel/Drape - Black & White

Stripe Satin 8ft H x 58"W Backdrop Panel/Drape - Black & White

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  • Product Sku: 9743us
  • Type: Drapes
Color: black & white
Make a striking statement with our modern Stripe Satin Drape/Backdrop Panels in black & white! The bold, two-inch stripes create crisp lines while the satin provides a soft sheen. Our Satin is 100% spun polyester to ensure durability while still looking great. Black & white make an ideal canvas for adding slashes of color and are perfect for weddings, Quinceaneras, birthday celebrations, or any other special occasion. Be on trend and create a sensation with our Stripe Satin Drape/Backdrop Panels!

Each quantity ordered contains only ONE drape panel.

Color: Stripe Black & White

Dimension: Approximately 8ft H x 58"W

Pockets: 4"

Material: 100% Polyester

Material Care: Machine washable cold & low heat

Opacity: Approximately 40% to 70%

Opacity percentage is an estimate only. There could be other environmental factors that could affect the opacity of the fabric such as sunlight, brightness of the room, and fullness of the fabric. The current opacity is under normal lighting.