Cloth Face Mask (2 pcs/pk) - Bandana

Cloth Face Mask (2 pcs/pk) - Bandana

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Defend yourself from irritating pollutants such as dirt, pollen, dust, allergens, or smoke with our stylish Cloth Face Mask. Featuring stylish prints and color to remain in style while proving the essential coverage needed. Their comfortable elastic ear loops will ensure the mask stays in place while providing comfort at the same time.

Our Cloth Face Masks feature double layer protection to ensure any pollutants stay out. The stylish Bandana print on the outer layer is made from 95% durable polyester and 5% spandex. The spandex quality will ensure adaptable coverage to all adult faces while the polyester material ensures the mask can be several times. The inner layer of the cloth mask is made from soft and breathable 100% cotton, for ease of use. Another great benefit of the materials the mask is made out of is that the mask can be reusable as they are machine washable and dryable. As each pack of masks will contain 2 pcs so you can count on always having a mask handy while the other is being cleaned.

By far the greatest feature of our Cloth Masks is the built-in inner pockets, that will allow you to add another layer of protection from pollutants! You can add a DIY face mask filter insert or you can use the compatible PM 2.5 Activated Carbon air filters that feature 5 layers of filtration to filter out dust, pollen, smoke, and other harmful substances. Protect yourself from harmful pollutants or allergens with CV Linens Cloth Masks! Our masks are an affordable and reusable option to help you remain safe and healthy!

NOTE: All sales are final and non-returnable. These are not to be used for medical/surgical use.

Print/Color: Bandana

Material: 95%  Polyester and 5% Spandex.

Quantity: 2 Pcs