Dahlia Large Foam Flower Wall Decor

Dazzle your event reception with the exotic beauty of dahlias! Our Dahlia Large Foam Flower Wall Decor brings the beauty of nature to your event without the hassle and maintenance of fresh blossoms. Adding these large faux flower heads to your party decorations will imbue your venue with a refreshing and sophisticated appeal.

Flowers play such a central role when it comes to decorating for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, shower, or any other significant life event. Flowers express a plethora of grace and elegance, all while adding extra color, texture, and feeling to your special day. No other decoration takes up such a vital central role as the beauty of a blossom. While flowers are often most associated with bouquets and table centerpieces, flowers can be used for many components of a wedding or special occasion. With these foam flowers measuring in at 30 cm and 40 cm options, the impact they hold will open a new world of decorating possibilities. Imagine elegant drape backdrops with florals, floral accents to your boxwood greenery panels, flower arches, floral wreaths, or even cascades of blossoms draped for a dramatic effect from your venue ceilings. You can use these timeless blooms to bring dimension and flair to your welcome signs, guest sign-in books, cake table, sweetheart table, band stage, or entryway. Artificial foam flowers create a colorful nature-inspired focal point, but they can also be used as a backdrop when you want to divert attention away from certain aspects of your venue such as drab walls or empty corners. When added together in dramatic scale, foam dahlias can create a fabulous partition, photo booth backdrop, or background to a head table to bring all attention to the wedding party and happy couple.

Large foam flower arrangements are economical alternatives to fresh flowers. Faux floral centerpieces will always stay vibrant and fresh, plus they are easy to maintain and will last through numerous events. You won't have to worry about wilting or petals shedding before your event is even through. These life-like foam dahlia flower heads are very soft to the touch and boast an excellent display of layered petals. The back row of petals has a built-in flexible wire that can be used to mold the bloom as desired for maximum impact when setting up your event. For easy installation, there's a foam disk with wire hoops.

When it comes to artificial flower arrangement ideas, you don't have to stick with tradition. Think outside the box and use them for home decor! These delicate blooms make for a darling as nursery room decor or can be used to liven an accent wall in your living room or bedroom. A bouquet of large foam dahlias will be an interesting conversational piece for your home or special events that is capable of elevating a room and make space feel warmer and more inviting. Shop now and let the beauty of our dahlia large foam flowers wholesale inspire all of your DIY event decor ideas!

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