Large Foam Magnolia Flower Wall Decor

Not all faux flowers are made equally, durable foam flowers, appear more lifelike and do not easily fray. CV Linens carries an array of foam flowers including magnolia flower wall decor. These faux flowers are perfect for any event that calls for a more 3D-like presence. Why settle for a plain backdrop when you can enhance your setting with a backdrop flower wall made of fake foam flowers?

Benefits of Magnolia Flower Wall Decor 

If this is your first time purchasing foam flowers, take note of the following things to expect from them: 

Lightweight and durable

Like any foam flowers, you can expect the faux flowers to be lightweight, making them ideal wall decorations. The light weight makes it easier to put them up on the wall and trust that they will not fall off due to the weight. Featuring two built-in wire hoops, it's easy to hang them up and create a standout look to add dimension to your event designs.

Looks more realistic

Foam flowers have a 3D effect, making them look more realistic than other faux flowers. The soft material allows for more texture to be added which makes them appear more natural, especially if you arrange them with other fake flowers in a silk flower backdrop. Our large foam flowers are designed to mimic real magnolia flowers. Unlike typical plastic materials that are shiny, the soft and matte finish of foam helps add to its realistic appeal. CV Linens’ foam flowers have petals with a detailed center and texture like real flowers.

Easy to arrange

CV Linens’ foam flowers are easy to arrange as magnolia flower decor because they have built-in wire hoops. Each petal is also attached to the wire, so you can twist, bend, and shape the petals in whatever way you like. As an event decorator, working with flowers without worrying about them getting wilted, discolored due to excessive handling, or going flat is the ultimate blessing. Foam flowers remain fresh and ready for use in the events to come. 

Why buy foam florals from CV Linens?

DIY projects are common in organizing events. If you have enough time for the project, you can consider making foam flowers for your magnolia flower wall decor. However, you would need to source the materials, make a flower pattern, and cut the foam, which requires time and effort on top of its cost. You also need to learn how to fold or contour them using a heating machine, color them, and hope everything will remain intact once you put them on the wall.

Save yourself the hassle of making foam flowers from scratch. Browse through our huge collection of faux flowers for your foam flower wall decor. You can find them in different colors, including coral, baby blue, pink, ivory, and dusty rose. They are also available in 30 cm and 40 cm sizes, so take your pick according to what the event motif demands. 

Shop the foam flowers you need for your magnolia flower wall decor here at CV Linens. You have a wide variety of choices in terms of colors and sizes or even the option to upgrade to LED lighted large foam flower decors. Shop at CV Linens today!

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