Artificial Seeded Eucalyptus Greenery Stem

Artificial Seeded Eucalyptus Greenery Stem

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Trying to recreate a magazine worthy floral arrangement can be a daunting task. Wedding designers, event planners and interior decorators will all agree on the one accent that is virtually foolproof. Eucalyptus greenery stems at first glance will appear as a pretty aspect in a mixture of lovely flowers. The pros will tell you it is the Eucalyptus that brought the arrangement together.

Seeded eucalyptus greenery stems offer a picturesque variability. Artificial Sage green eucalyptus is mingled with seeds that bring a sprite of color and a visual aesthetic to the stem. At 23” long, each eucalyptus stem is able to be customized for any floral focus you have in mind. Brides will love them in their bouquets and centerpieces, while event hosts enjoy the adaptability of stemmed greenery. Beyond the celebrations, adding eucalyptus to your home inspired projects is sure to add a touch of luxe to the room.

Artificial seeded eucalyptus greenery is delightfully realistic. Without the need to water or extend additional care to the stems, our eucalyptus is a favorite among decorators. With seeded stems, the look you want to achieve becomes a beautiful reality. They are lively year round lending a generous trail of ideas that fit well with a variety of applications. The neutral tones expertly collaborate with differing styles and color schemes. From vibrant florals to hushed hues, adding eucalyptus stems is an ideal accompaniment to your theme.

Entwining seeded eucalyptus into your lavish arrangements, bouquets and wedding decor are perfect for the DIY side of the decorating line. Eucalyptus blends well as both the main highlight and a gracious accent. Stems can be placed on the outer part of an arrangement or in the center and dispersed throughout.

Our full line of eucalyptus greenery will complete your project in designer fashion. We offer also floral loose stems and bunches to suit any size project you have and eucalyptus garland to inspire your own scenic style. Eucalyptus stems will meet and greet every project of the day. Mix and mingle them together to show off your own savvy eye for design.

Color: Green

Material: Artificial

Length: Approx. 23"