Silver Plastic Spoons 10/Pack - Modern Collection

Silver Plastic Spoons 10/Pack - Modern Collection

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Color: silver
Just because they're disposable doesn't mean they have to be unattractive! Our Modern Plastic Utensil Collection provides a contemporary look that it suitable for any event theme. Made of heavyweight, premium quality plastic, this collection is anything but cheap. Each spoon is durable, made to last throughout your event, and gives the appearance of genuine metal. One of the main benefits of using plastic utensils over traditional utensils is that they make transportation and clean up easy. Use this trendy cutlery option for holiday dinner tables, wedding receptions, baby or bridal showers, catering, anniversary parties - you name it! Give your next event a minimal, clean appearance with our Modern Collection Plastic Spoons.

Each utensil type is sold separately in packs of 10, so be sure to pick up knives and forks as well! Pair our Modern Collection Plastic Spoons with our Classic, Lace, or Venetian Plasticware line of dinner and appetizer plates for a cohesive table setting.

Color: Silver

Quantity: 10 pcs

Condition: Brand New

Materials: BPA-Free Plastic

Type Spoon

Length: Approx: 7"