Pinstripe 20"x20" Satin Napkin - Black & White

Pinstripe 20"x20" Satin Napkin - Black & White

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  • Type: Napkins
Color: black & white
Striped table linens are oh-so hot! They're bold and make a signature impact in short order. Our Black and White 20"x20" Linen Napkin brings an upscale vibe whether you are planning a classic black and white affair or a pirate-themed birthday bash. Plus, black and white napkins wholesale can be combined with any color. Pair with gold, red, silver, or any other hue and this sultry style due will pull off the coupling with ease! It the perfect marriage of classic and eye-catching.

For whatever type of event you are planning -- Don't forget the napkins! There's nothing like finding the perfect table linen to really set the mood for your tabletop design. During weddings and other events, one of the most important things to offer your guests are quality event napkins. While paper napkins might seem the cheaper option, these flimsy napkins don't offer the reusable practicality or the aesthetic appeal of a quality cloth linen napkin. For that truly magical wedding look, white and black cloth napkins bulk fold into an elegant place setting companion while pulling double duty as a lap covering during dinnertime. These stripe linen napkins add a hint of glam at the table with attractive rows of 0.40" black and white stripes.

Pair with any of our Rhinestone mesh or acrylic napkin rings for an extra touch of elegance and to finish off your tablescape! (Sold separately.)

Color: Black & White

Quantity: 1 pc

Condition: Brand New

Material: 100% Polyester (spun to look and feel like satin)

Size: Approx. 20"x20" square

Pattern: Each row is approx. 0.40 inches wide

Edge: Hemmed

Care Instruction: Machine washable and cool dry. Do not bleach.