Diamond Snow Organza Chair Sash/Tie 7" x 108" - Charcoal

Diamond Snow Organza Chair Sash/Tie 7" x 108" - Charcoal

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  • Type: Sashes
Color: charcoal

Bring a classically elegant look to your reception chairs with our Diamond Snow Organza Chair Sash/Tie 7" x 108" - Charcoal. The gossamer romance of organza stunningly upgrades the appearance of the chairs at weddings, baby showers, quinceaneras, and all other events. With its distinctive romantic and simple beauty, this chair sash can be used on a chair with or without a chair cover to amplify a sophisticated appeal. This lightweight organza material is very manageable to work with, providing an easy fabric in which to tie and drape into an eloquent presentation.  

Given that your tables and chairs generally take up the bulk of any reception, it's important to pay the proper attention to these areas to achieve your desired effect. With the subtle sophistication of our wholesale organza chair sash calling attention to your seating arrangements, this introduction all but guarantees a positive first impression from guests. Through this immersion in the event's color and theme, your wedding receptions, church ceremonies, corporate events, and other parties will be blissfully elegant. Made of snow organza fabric that picks up light and shimmering color, our sash will bring about the perfect look to complete and complement any style chair!

Color: Charcoal

Quantity: 1 pc

Condition: Brand New

Material: Snow Organza

Pattern: Diamond

Dimensions: Approx. 7" W x 108" L

How to care: Hand wash only. Hang dry, don't use dryer.

Please note: Sashes are shipped untied