Trellis Snow Organza Chair Sash/Tie 7" x 108" - Dusty Wisteria

Trellis Snow Organza Chair Sash/Tie 7" x 108" - Dusty Wisteria

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  • Type: Sashes
Color: dusty wisteria

Artfully accentuate the backs of your event chairs with the eye-catching addition of our Trellis Snow Organza Chair Sash/Tie 7" x 108” - Dusty Wisteria. Chair sashes and ties are an affordable and easy way to instantly spruce up the seating arrangement at your ceremony or reception venue. The lightweight material of our snow organza is perfect for achieving a soft, flowing look that is dreamy in execution. The simple elegance of this sheer material infuses just the right amount of color while brilliantly coordinating with the rest of your event decor.

A standard chair can be made into something unique and elegant with the help of the right wedding chair sash. A neatly tied or draped chair sash can convey an elegant formality and uniformity, tie together a certain color or textural theme, upgrade the aesthetic of a plain venue, and draw the eye to special areas whether they be the mother of the bride/groom chairs or the seating at your head table. Chair sashes create such an impressive look that you can even afford to spend less in other areas of the decor without sacrificing style. Taking the sophistication a step further, a light and airy sheer organza chair sash can pull double-duty as a sweet and simple table runner. Beyond weddings, organza chair ties bring a sweet touch to birthday parties, anniversaries, baby showers, and all other special event gatherings.

Color: Dusty Wisteria

Quantity: 1 pc

Condition: Brand New 

Material: Snow Organza 

Pattern: Trellis

Dimensions: Approx. 7" W x 108" L

How to care: Hand wash only. Hang dry, don't use dryer. 

Please note: Sashes are shipped untied.