72" Damask Flocking Table Overlay - Black & White

72" Damask Flocking Table Overlay - Black & White

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Expected Restock Date : 2022-07-12
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Color: black & white
Make a dramatic statement at your special event with our stunning Flocking Table Overlays! Each overlay features a dramatic velvet Damask design over a high quality taffeta, perfect for your wedding, birthday celebration, or any other special occasion. Best of all, taffeta is versatile and easily paired with other fabrics to tie together the look for your event. Let our Flocking Table Overlays become the center of the decor of your special event!

For effortless cohesion, try other items from our Flocking Line including napkins, tablecloths, fabric rolls, sashes, Ring Pillow sets, and table runners.

Quantity: 1 pc

Condition: Brand New

Material: Velvet on Taffeta

Dimensions: 72" square with 2 side seams

Color: Black & White

Caring Instructions: Hand wash and Hang Dry, Dry Clean. Do not bleach