Artificial Silk Single Rose Stem Flower - Pink

Artificial Silk Single Rose Stem Flower - Pink

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A rose is the lasting symbol of timeless romance. The beauty of a rose has been the charm of classic tales that sing of love and the heart of a hero. You can bring the enchantment to your own wedding with this exquisite rose stems. Aside from the fluttering of fairytales, roses are an elite flower that is both impressive and expensive. To achieve the look of your wedding dreams without the high price, our artificial silk single rose stems are the perfect alternative to real flowers.

Each silk rose stem is intricate and genuine. They have the look and appeal of authentic freshly picked roses. Realistic leaves, stemming and petals hold one full rose bloom alongside a budded rose. The silk stemmed flower is enlivened in a rich pink tone for a gorgeous yet heartfelt rose that will inspire any wedding theme. Roses will flawlessly pair with your vision from vintage lace settings or rustic renditions to glamorous galas and traditional tablescapes.

The particular style of your wedding and reception will be the center of your motif. Artificial silk single roses can be used individually, in arrangements or bouquets to create a stunning display. The stems are graciously presented in aisle decor, ceremony backdrops and bridal bouquets to get started. Continuing the theme to your reception, roses are used in table centerpieces, room decor and backdrops highlighting the head table. The silk rose stem will accentuate your tablescape and scenery by accenting your wedding agendas such as table linens, overlays and accompanied decor.

You will have no worries of wilting or fallen petals during your special day, as our silk rose stems do not need to be watered or kept in a temperature controlled environment. This will ensure every photo taken is picture perfect. Bouquets and arrangements made with our realistic roses are enduring and can be brought home as keepsakes or given as gifts at the end of the evening.

Roses are graceful on their own or in unison with an array of flowers. Vibrant greenery, lovely florals and subtle blooms will all work in harmony with your color scheme. Your wedding day will be an eternal promise with the silk rose that lasts a lifetime.

Color: Pink

Quantity: 1 pc

Length: Approx. 27"

Condition: Brand New