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Balloon Garland Arch Strip (10/pk)

Balloon Garland Arch Strip (10/pk)

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Color: clear
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Make your party pop by making a balloon garland using our Balloon Garland Arch Strip (10/pk). Balloons have been a party decor staple and for good reason. By adding balloon displays to your event, you can liven the party atmosphere and make a massive difference in the mood of the festivities. Latex balloons are affordable and when properly inflated and made into balloon decoration displays, such as a balloon arch or column, the results can be drastic. Balloon columns, arches, and garlands create stunning entrances, photo or stage props, and other statement looks. They are perfect for drawing in your color theme and always create an upbeat ambiance.

Why Choose Balloon Garland Arch Strips?

Features, Benefits & Attributes:

  • Seamless and discrete clear color
  • 10 pcs/pk of 16 ft long balloon garland tape for large balloon installs
  • Easy to use to make beautiful DIY arches or balloon designs
  • Perfect for any occasion - Great for a wedding, birthday, baby shower, graduation, anniversary, and any special event.

Balloon Garland Arch Strips FAQ

Q: What is a balloon arch strip?

A: A balloon arch garland decorating strip is a clear plastic strip with holes. Using clear balloon tape is a quick and easy way to make organic balloon garlands with no need for fishing wire, 260 balloons, or rubber bands. Add 5" balloons to a balloon garland using glue dots for added fullness.

Q: How to use a balloon garland strip?

A: Balloon tape strips are easy to use, simply thread the neck of assorted size balloons through the holes, and fill to the desired length of the garland to craft a stunning display.

Decor Inspiration & Style Tips

Are you looking to make your event really stand out? Balloon installations are a big and unique party decoration that draws attention whether placed at an entryway, to highlight specialty tables, or complement a photo backdrop. Designing a balloon garland arch is as simple as picking out two or three colors to complement your event theme and then threading them through the balloon decorating strip and hanging as desired.

When making a DIY balloon arch, it is best to use alternate colors, but don’t worry if two balloons of the same color or size are next to each other. You should also alternate the direction of your balloons (one up, one down, and so forth) to create a more full, textured appearance. For best results, use a mixture of sizes, including larger and smaller balloons to help you fill the gaps.

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Color: Clear

Balloon Garland Tape Length: Approx. 16 ft

Quantity: 10 pcs/pk