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Balloon Removable Glue Dots 1000 ct

Balloon Removable Glue Dots 1000 ct

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Color: clear
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Bring your creative ideas to life with our Balloon Removable Glue Dots 1000 count. The perfect crafting companion, pre-cut clear adhesive dots allow for a wide range of uses and applications. Easy to use and mess-free, your party planning and DIY endeavors will benefit from these clear sticky dots that work immediately on contact with no drying time.

Why Choose Balloon Removable Glue Dots?

Features, Benefits & Attributes:

  • Discrete 0.5 inc glue dot size
  • Easy to use: Tear off the dot glue, and stick the adhesive dot between the balloons or objects you need to affix. No need to wait for the glue to dry.
  • Uses: Balloon decor such as balloon garlands, balloon columns, balloon mosaics, balloon flowers, gift wrapping, scrapbooks, posters, banners, ribbons, homemade cards, party decor, and more.

Balloon Removable Glue Dots FAQ

Q: What are balloon glue dots used for?

A: Tiny adhesive dots are used to attach accent foil balloons or 5-inch filler balloons to balloon garlands, DIY crafts, and scrapbook projects.

Q: What surfaces are best for double-sided dots of glue?

A: Double-sided glue dots work on a wide range of party decor and DIY crafts but work best on smooth surfaces.

Decor Inspiration & Style Tips

Double-sided adhesive dots are great for any project where you need an adhesive that works fast and provides a secure bond. Mess and fuss-free, these balloon sticky dots will help you craft stunning posters and banners, design homemade cards and scrapbook projects, and many other DIY needs. Also perfect for party planning, a clear balloon adhesive will help you set up beautiful balloon art, including balloon archways, balloon flowers, balloon walls, and balloon columns. Quickly set up paper flowers or other decorations to make all of your party planning so much easier.

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Color: Clear

Glue Dot Size: Approx. 0.5in

Balloon Glue Dot Rolls: 10 Rolls (100 glue dots per roll)

Total Glue Dot Quantity: 1000 Balloon Glue Dots