Classic Plastic Disposable Soup Bowls 7.5" (10/pk) - White Silver-Trimmed

Classic Plastic Disposable Soup Bowls 7.5" (10/pk) - White Silver-Trimmed

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Color: white silver-trimmed
While it might seem like a challenge to find disposable plastic dinnerware that looks like real china and also complements the elegance of your event's decor, our Classic Plastic Disposable Soup Bowls 7.5" (10/pk) - White/Silver Trim make a sophisticated dinner party or wedding feel like a regal fete by resembling real china, yet performing like plastic. This means they are easily tossed for the quickest after-party cleanup you'll ever experience! Our plastic gold rim soup bowls are constructed of heavy duty plastic that is break and shatter resistant. Their durability also makes them comfortably rigid so you won't have to worry about your disposable soup bowls wilting under the pressure of hearty dinner and dessert courses.

Whether planning a brunch or organizing a posh wedding, our fancy plastic bowls will wow and delight every guest. Our plastic party bowls are trimmed with a gold lining on the outer edge and inner lip. These traditional, clean lines are met with the practicality of a raised lip trim that helps prevent spills and drips, preserving both outfits and table linen -- a surefire win/win situation! Outperforming in every facet, these upscale plastic dishes cradle your different food selections with careful majesty that effortlessly mirrors the care and attention that the discerning chef pours into their every prepared meal.

Color: White Silver-Trimmed

Quantity: 10 pcs

Condition: Brand New

Materials: BPA-Free Plastic

Shape Round

Dimensions: Approx. 7.5" Round

Serving Capacity: 12 oz