12" Confetti Party Poppers (12 pcs/pk)

12" Confetti Party Poppers (12 pcs/pk)

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Your special occasions will be a big hit with our 12" Confetti Party Poppers (12 pcs/pk)! A perfect choice for planning a New Year’s Eve party, wedding, graduation party, birthday party, Christmas party, Fourth of July celebration, Mardi Gras party, bachelorette party, backyard BBQ, and any other get-together celebration. Pass them out to guests and watch as the magic happens! Simply twist at the base and gaze in awe as colorful metallic confetti sprays into the air and makes photo-worthy confetti explosions. These party poppers have a fun and playful exterior with balloon graphics for a festive look that complements any celebration and theme. They are easy to hold and lightweight, plus are perfect for either indoor or outdoor use.

Looking for affordable party supplies that add extra excitement to your special events? Pack on the delight at any party with these confetti cannon poppers that produce a magical display whether they are popped as the bride and groom leave the church or to celebrate any other milestone event or joyous occasion. Purchase these party poppers online and spend less with low wholesale prices that ensure your party budget goes further! This pack of twelve party poppers is perfect paired with our Lets Party Neon Sign or Let's Get This Party Started Neon Sign to up the ante of excitement and set an overall festive ambiance at your party venue. These wholesale confetti poppers blast out in celebration and good cheer and will bring smiles to all in attendance as well as help you capture stunning photos. Party popper confetti poppers are great for car parades, surprise parties, or pep rallies. Truly these confetti cannons are versatile for all means of celebration as well as uplifting the spirits of anyone around!

Size: 12" Long x 2" Diameter

Quantity: 12 pcs/pk

Confetti Color: Rainbow Metallic Confetti