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Gender Reveal He or She Neon Sign 90 cm x 40 cm

Gender Reveal He or She Neon Sign 90 cm x 40 cm

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Add some excitement to your gender reveal party and build up the excitement with help from our pink and blue Gender Reveal He or She Neon Sign 90 cm x 40 cm! Gender reveal parties have become a huge thing for new parents who want to share a part of their pregnancy with friends and family. Of course, the biggest aspect is the anticipation around the guessing. While there is a 50-50 outcome your prediction is right, the different ways to guess the gender of a baby have been delighting us all for generations. There have been superstitions, astrological pregnancy calculations, and old wives’ tales surrounding the predictions of a baby's gender all throughout history. Whether or not you have tried any of these gender prediction methods, the gender reveal party with proof from your doctor's sonogram is by far the most thrilling (not to mention, accurate) way to learn whether it will be a boy or a girl.

Our He or She Neon Sign will light up the festivities with blue and pink LED lights, an easy to hang 87cm chain, and an AC power cord. This decor prop makes a great addition to backdrop setups made of drapes, boxwood, or floral panels. Use it to greet guests as they enter the venue, make it a backdrop for memorable photos, or make it the center of attention over a gender reveal cake or other means of the announcement. This light-up gender reveal sign can be paired with our Oh Baby neon sign, baby boxes for balloons, gender reveal balloons, event decor in blue and pink colors, or any other neon sign style to complement the mood and theme of the big day. Designed to give you a memorable and unforgettable gender reveal party, this wholesale he or she light-up sign will certainly add to the high spirits of everyone eagerly awaiting your special news!

Measures: 90 cm x 40 cm H

Chain Lenght: 87 cm H