Jellyfish Hanging Paper Lantern 3 pcs

Jellyfish Hanging Paper Lantern 3 pcs

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Color: multi-color

There's nothing like our Jellyfish Hanging Paper Lantern 3 pcs to ramp up the fun and festive atmosphere to your theme party or summer luau! These paper lanterns shaped like jellyfish bring just the perfect whimsical touch to a tropical theme, under-the-sea theme, or mermaid theme. There are three pieces included in this pack in colors of Apple Green, Aqua Blue, and Purple. The overall size is approximately 43" tall, with the lantern sized in at a 10" diameter and the tassels with a 33" length. Hanging jellyfish lanterns are very lightweight so they hang from ceilings, windows, doorways, or accompany backdrops, and even act as centerpieces. These preassembled DIY jellyfish paper lanterns take away the party prep hassle so there's no need to learn how to make paper lantern jellyfish.

Floating jellyfish lanterns make a great party decor item for an under the sea baby shower, mermaid birthday party, ocean-themed party, summer garden party, and even narwhal theme parties. These whimsical sea creatures pair well with curly willow sashes and table skirts, iridescent and mermaid scale linens, as well as flower edge beach star charger plates. After the party, these lanterns are great for hanging in a child's bedroom, playroom, school, or classroom. The lanterns are made from high-quality colored paper with wavy, flowing tentacles that give a real-life movement to wow and amaze your guests. With pizzazz to space, these paper lanterns could easily be stored and used multiple times. They look amazing and you can use them for both interior or outdoor party decor. If you are planning an under the sea or mermaid theme for a party, decorating with hanging jellyfish lanterns wholesale will make your event the toast of the night! Take the dive and start planning your underwater adventure party with these cute paper jellyfish lanterns.

Color: Apple Green, Aqua Blue, Purple

Quantity: 3 pcs/pk

Condition: Brand New

Lantern Size: Approx. 10" Diameter

Tassel Size: Approx. 33" Long

Overall Size: Approx. 43" Tall