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10 yards Large Payette Sequins Fabric Bolt - Red

10 yards Large Payette Sequins Fabric Bolt - Red

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Embrace the glamour with our Payette Sequin Fabric Bolts! Perfect for pew bows, drapes, backdrops, bouquet wraps, ceiling decor and more- your Do-it-Yourself options are limitless. Each oversize, Payette Sequin is secured from one point which gives them a majestic, organic flow because of this, the fabric may seem to have sparse or bare patches, this can be remedied by smoothing sequins to lay flat to cover the area.

Dimension: Approx. 50" by 10 yards

Color: Red

Material: Sequins on Mesh base

Caring Instructions: Do not dry clean or machine wash. Wipe with a soft damp cloth.