Open Back Spandex Rectangular Table Covers

If you are planning a trade show or special event where you would like to sit comfortably behind a decorated table, our Open Back Spandex Covers provide exemplar storage access with a fitted, wrinkle-free design that always looks professional. An open back display table cover is a must-have for any event where you will need to frequently stand and sit or access products, promo materials, or other items stowed underneath the table. These fitted, 3-sided tablecloths with a semi backless design are perfect for pulling up a chair and sitting comfortably behind the table without the risk of tampering with the integrity of your tablecloth and tabletop displays.

Organize your best looking presentation yet with our spandex open back tablecloths for easy access! A trade show table cover with open back makes an easy and affordable way to bring professionalism to your hotel meeting room tables, convention, tradeshow, and display booth tables. This stretchable tablecloth with open back is a sleek and modern table covering that is designed for 6-foot and 8-foot tables with 30" heights. This fitted open back display table cover eliminates the need for bulky attachment clips and features four reinforced leg pockets for added stability and security.

The spandex open-back table coverings are great for wedding venues, hotels, restaurants, and catering functions especially when paired with a table skirt for elegant, eye-catching style. The three-sided design allows your guests ample legroom without the occurrence of accidentally compromising the dishes and centerpieces resting atop the table. When used on a gift or dessert table, it provides a perfect place to tuck spare decor, boxed serve-ware, gift bags, and other items you would like to have on hand, but out of sight during the event. Our 3-sided, open-back tablecloths will bring an upscale look to any table, including basic folding tables, ensuring they look clean, uniform, professional, and yes, even glamorous! The open back spandex design fits snugly over your 6ft and 8ft tables, completely covering your table on three sides so no unsightly legs or framework is visible. The stretch material stylishly assures a secure fit when it's windy, making it a suitable choice for outdoor events. It is a practical solution for transforming your bland tables into an elegant place to serve delectable buffets and desserts, display promotional materials, or seat your guests in a comfortable style.

Spandex is the ideal choice for open back tablecloths as they provide a contoured fit that gives a tailored look. Spandex is machine washable and dryable at low temperature and it is a wrinkle-free stretch fabric that requires no ironing which saves time as you can wash and go, reusing for all of your different events. Quickly and easily set up your display tables and event venues with an open back tablecloth featuring a generous arch on the backside which makes it easier for accessing stored items and seating guests in a streamlined fashion.

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