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New Product: Emerald Green Satin

Newest Color: Emerald

The newest addition to our Satin Line will have your guests green with envy: say hello to our new Emerald satin!


New Emerald Green Satin

This vibrant green jeweled tone is absolutely exquisite. Weddings and other special events have been burning up this lovely green trend. We are excited to bring to our customers this fantastic shade for their special days. Why choose emerald? We are crazy about this bold color palette as special event decor. You will find traces of this snowballing trend from home decor to high fashion! We were more than ready to say yes to this stunner.

This shade of green is the definition of class. Emerald Green is one of the emerging popular colors in wedding decor. This is for people ready to make a beautiful and bold statement. Our Emerald satin is also perfect for creating holiday tablescapes such as for Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day. Emerald City or Wizard of Oz themed events are also gaining an incredible amount of popularity. You guessed it - emerald satin is the star of a decor straight from Oz!


Emerald Satin Items

Our Emerald Satin Items are available in:

40 yard fabric rolls, 90″x 156″ Rectangular Satin Tablecloths, 120″ Round tablecloths, 132″ Round Tablecloth, Rectangular 60″ x 120″ Tablecloth, Rectangular 90″ x 132″ Tablecloth, Satin Table Runner, Square 54″ Satin Table Overlay, 72″ Satin Table Overlay, Square 90″x 90″ Satin Table Overlay, Standard Satin Chair Sashes and Wide Satin Chair Sashes.

Emerald Satin Fabric Roll Emerald Satin Table Overlay Emerald Satin Rectangular Tablecloth Emerald Satin Chair Sash Emerald Satin Wide Chair Sash Emerald Satin Table RunnerEmerald Satin Round Table Cover

Are You Crazy About Emerald

What do you think of Emerald Satin? Are you green with envy for this amazing Emerald satin look? Tell us all about your thoughts on this stunning new material via email or phone!


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