Artificial Greeneries

Greenery and flower walls have become the go-to backdrop for weddings, bridal showers, and corporate events. The faux greenery wall offers a lush, upscale look, providing a fresh and vibrant ambiance that complements any theme. 

With artificial greeneries, you can achieve a perfect backdrop for your event. They are very easy to customize and ideal for adding elements like flowers, lights, and personal signs.

Coordinate your choice of faux greenery with our selection of tablecloths, runners, overlays, and chair sashes. Create a memorable setting with artificial foliage!

What are Faux Greeneries?

Faux greeneries are artificial plants designed to mimic the look of real foliage. They offer a lush aesthetic and fresh look without the upkeep of live plants. These premium replicas can be made from materials like silk, polyester, or plastic. 

Artificial greeneries are durable, unlike real plants which can wilt or require constant care. This makes them the best choice for events where you want to present a pristine look without stress. 

These decor pieces are also very versatile. They blend seamlessly with other elements like flowers, lights, and backdrops. Transform your next event with the elegance and lasting beauty these greeneries bring.

Types of Faux Greenery

At CV Linens™, we offer a stunning collection of greeneries. Each type has its unique charm, ensuring there is something you can use for every occasion. Here are some of our premium greeneries:

Faux Boxwood

Our faux boxwood panels lend a lush, evergreen look, which is perfect for crafting eye-catching backdrops. The dense leaves give off a timeless vibe ideal for weddings, formal events, and corporate gatherings.

Roll Up Boxwood Greenery Wall Backdrop

Create instant luxurious walls with our roll-up greenery panels. These backdrops are easy to set up and are transportable, making them perfect for photo booths and entrance decor. 

Artificial Eucalyptus

Artificial eucalyptus brings a chic touch to event decor with its muted green tones and realistic leaf shape. It works well with other floral elements and is a staple for boho-themed weddings and garden parties.

Faux Pampas Grass 

Add a touch of bohemian vibe to your event with our faux pampa grass. Its feathery plumes and neutral tones are perfect for modern and rustic settings.

Silk Greenery with Rose Wall

These floral walls combine the appeal of greenery and the beauty of silk roses. Use them with ease for weddings, showers, or anniversaries as they come in a wide variety of colors including apple red, ivory, light pink, white, and red.

Styling Your Faux Greenery Wall

Create a standout faux greenery wall that reflects your style and event theme! Mix and match different types of greeneries to give your wall a rich, layered look. You can blend faux boxwood panels with our artificial eucalyptus for a vibrant mix of greens. 

Incorporate artificial flowers for pops of color and additional texture to your wall. Add faux roses, peonies, or hydrangeas that match your event's theme.  

Enhance your greenery wall by adding string fairy lights or LED curtain lights to add a magical glow, perfect for evening events and weddings. Infuse custom neon signs with your name or favorite quote for a modern touch. You can also throw in lanterns or seasonal decorations like ornaments or garlands.

Why Choose Our Greeneries?

When it comes to creating stunning events, suppliers and organizers trust CV Linens™

for high-quality realistic faux greeneries. We offer them in a diverse selection for you to find the perfect match for any theme or style. Personalize your wall and achieve the exact look you want to achieve with our artificial foliage and florals!

Take advantage of big savings when you buy greenery at wholesale prices. We offer all our event supplies at competitive pricing so you can create a breathtaking event without breaking the bank.

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