Napkin Rings

Napkin Rings

Napkin Rings, also known as serviette rings or napkin ring holders, are decorative table accessories used to hold folded napkins in place. They add a touch of elegance and beauty to your table setting, complementing your chosen theme.

This party accessory comes in a wide variety of materials, including metal, faux pearls and diamonds, silk flowers, rhinestones, and ivory. They allow you to match them perfectly to any occasion, from a casual gathering to a formal event.

A Touch of History

Interestingly, napkin rings have a practical origin dating back to the early 1800s. Back then, cloth napkins were not washed frequently. In France, napkin rings served a hygienic purpose: a ring on a napkin indicated it had already been used. Additionally, engraved numbers on the rings ensured designated napkins for each person.

Over time, napkin rings evolved beyond hygiene and became a way to showcase wealth and style. The wealthy middle-upper class in Europe began creating unique and extravagant designs. Today, napkin rings are a stylish accessory for any classy table setting.

CV Linens™ Napkin Ring Collection

At CV Linens™, we offer a gorgeous collection of wholesale napkin rings to glamorize your table. From the classic elegance of Pearl Napkin Rings to the romantic glimmer of Diamond Napkin Rings, we have something to match any event theme. We even have unique options like Silk Flower Napkin Rings for a touch of nature and Jute Burlap Napkin Rings for a rustic charm.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does anyone still use napkin rings anymore?

Yes, napkin rings are still used. They add a fancy touch to any table, especially for events or holidays. While not necessary, they keep cloth napkins folded neatly and can prevent them from blowing away outdoors. You might find them less common in everyday meals, but they haven't gone out of style.

What do you call a napkin ring?

The most common name is simply a napkin ring, which perfectly describes its function. In some places, you might hear it called a serviette ring, which is the British term for a napkin. Less frequent names include napkin holder or even christening bangle (referring to a historical use).

What is a napkin ring used for?

A napkin ring's main purpose is decorative. It's a fancy loop or band that slides onto a cloth napkin to keep it neatly folded on the table. This adds a touch of elegance, especially for special occasions. It can also be slightly practical. They help napkins keep their shape and prevent them from blowing around outdoors. But overall, they're about enhancing the table setting.

Are napkin rings necessary?

Napkin rings are not necessary. Their main purpose is decorative. You can set a beautiful table with unfolded linen napkins. However, napkin rings do offer some benefits. 

They keep napkins folded neatly, which can be especially helpful for outdoor dining or windy conditions. Plus, they add a touch of class to your table setting, making it feel more formal or festive. So, the choice depends on the occasion and your desired level of formality.

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