Uprights Crossbars Bases

With our selection of Uprights, Crossbars, and Bases, you will find an array of pipe and drape solutions for your special occasions and corporate events! The versatility of pipe and drape systems provides ease of setup for all of your DIY drapery projects, and the quality they provide will transform any special occasion into a professional space of style and class. Pipe and drape backdrops are very functional and often used for wedding receptions and ceremonies, trade show booths, dividers, or partitions, and as a way to disguise undesirable aspects of a venue. Drape support bars and bases are also commonly used for a variety of styled backgrounds for birthdays, showers, fashion shows, corporate events, live streams, photography and videography studios, trade shows, and other live and formal events. This collection has every part needed to design backdrop stand frames from 3ftx3ft all the way up to 14 wide and 20 ft tall.

Most popular pipe and drape systems are made up of two bases, two uprights, and a crossbar, with the drapery panels of choice as the finishing touch that pulls it all together. The best-known components needed to start building your drapery system are the uprights. Upright pipes lift your pipe and drape kit up to the desired height, with a sturdy design for lasting value. Telescopic uprights offer ease of adjustability and as a bonus, they can be covered with spandex pole covers to hide the metal pole and coordinate with the draping color scheme. The crossbar is a horizontal rod, with adjustable width, that accommodates your fabric for a seamless design. Generally speaking, the wider the crossbar will be, the more drapes that will be needed. To determine the number of drapes need be sure to use our drape fullness calculator. Your drapes will fit into the crossbeam via sewn-in pockets to complete your temporary wall or backdrop setup. Durable crossbars fit all styles of backdrop drapes and help achieve a romantic mood or upscale vibe, and overall transform an event space to your desired aesthetic. The pipe and drape base stands provide sturdy support that assures the drape kit set will stay in place for your entire event. Our sturdy square bases can support up to 57 lbs for a robust way to assure your drapery is well stabilized and secure.

Pipe and drape kit accessories such as valance hangers and support clamps can be used to create double backdrop draping designs to give you more decorative freedom for your events and booths. Of course, your decorator's toolkit isn't complete without the versatile uses of our C hooks and S hooks! These clever little metal sign hooks can be used to hang booth numbers, banners, linear lighting, flower panels, draping, or beaded curtains on a crossbar to complete a wide array of backdrop designs. For the savvy wedding planner or DIY bride who wants to add a personalized touch of class to their reception or party space, event pipe and drape wholesale is just the answer! Buying wholesale saves money since rental pipe and drape systems can be very costly, and you will have a beautiful and tailored look for all of your special events to come!

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