LED Neon Decorative Signs

Illuminate any space with our collection of LED Neon Decorative Signs. Boasting retro vibes with a modern upgrade, these lighted signs encourage an upbeat atmosphere and light up your event with a fun and festive touch.

LED Neon signs can be placed just about anywhere throughout your home or event venue. They can be hanged alone on a wall, backdrop draping panels or added to boxwood greenery. Of course, they also look great when paired with other party decor elements like a balloon arch, fresh or faux flowers, macramé wall hangings, or your classic streamers. The LED lights are featured over a clear lightweight acrylic material, making them portable for re-use for any event including house parties, wedding receptions, bridal and baby showers, birthday parties, and more. Imagine the buzz that your dessert table will generate with a lighted neon sign guiding partygoers to your buffet of sweets, or a well-placed sign hung behind a party throne chair to create a VIP setting area for the guest of honor. Your entryway sets the stage for the rest of the event, and a neon sign to greet and brighten their welcome will certainly make for a memorable presentation. However they are styled or placed, a neon party sign lets everyone know that this is the place to be!

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