Pearl Rolls

The quintessential wedding day decor accent, pearls have claimed a prominent place in wedding decor for decades. Their classic, soft vintage glam brings big time appeal when attached to vases, candles, bridal bouquets, event apparel, cake stands, and more. Faux pearl strands for decorating have this magical ability to bring that coveted air of style and grace to your wedding day, bridal shower, or baby shower scene. They achieve this sophisticated function simply by hanging from your overhead lighting, wrapping around your centerpiece candles, or trimming your event drapes. Their timeless distinction is also excellent for trimming your party invitations, creating stunning DIY party favors, embellishing bridal combs or garters, and even dressing up heels or flats to coordinate with your event theme.

Centerpieces, lighting, and drapery have the power to set the overall tone for a wedding. These aspects, when trimmed in glam faux pearls, create a stunning presentation and perfectly complement any theme from rustic to traditional. Planning a royal inspired wedding or a roaring 20's themed event? Rolls of pearls for decoration effortlessly sum up these lavish and fun themes for use in jewelry making, headbands, dresses, and of course, by creating DIY elegant wedding centerpieces for the venue. Our flat-back pearls lay smoothly and can easily be used in conjunction with adhesive or hot glue in your every DIY project. Start scrolling now to get inspired…!

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