Table Overlays

Tables probably occupy the most space in an event, which makes it more important to decorate them properly or they might become eyesores throughout the event. Luckily you can use table overlays to transform or highlight the table decor, introduce a pop of color, emphasize the occasion’s theme, and bring texture to the event’s decor.

If you are looking for a wide range of overlays, from sequins to organza, and in different designs, colors, and shapes, CV Linens sells wholesale table linens to give you what you need.

What is a table overlay?

Table overlays are linens or fabrics placed over a tablecloth. They look like tablecloths but are smaller and serve as a decorative layer on top of the main tablecloth. Overlays not only complement the table runners and other linens but can be a substitute for runners if more coverage is needed to protect the base table cover from stains as well.

On top of using an event draping to bring focus to the event’s theme, you can also use overlays. It helps you commit to a client’s wish for a certain theme or color palette. For instance, a floral-themed wedding should not only have flowers all over the venue but table overlays wedding in similar colors or shades or in rosette or leaf petal design. CV Linens offers these overlays in a wide range of textures and colors, such as red, emerald green, royal blue, lavender, and more.

What is the ideal size of tablecloth overlays?

Before buying bulk tablecloths to use as overlays, measure the tables you’re using for the event first. Then, use this formula to find the ideal tablecloth size: Table size ((in diameter for rounds or length + width for rectangular)) + (Drop x 2) = Floor Lenght Tablecloth size.

To get the overlay tablecloth drop size, use this handy event linen size chart.

Here is a sample overlay tablecloth sizing guide:

  • 48” round tables (6-seater) need 72” x 72” or 60” x 60” overlays
  • 60” round tables (8-seater) need 72” x 72” overlays
  • 72” round tables (10-seater) need 90” x 90” overlays

CV Linens offer overlays in different sizes to match different needs as some people favor longer overlays while others still stick to using shorter ones. Even if you use longer overlays, don’t use ones that are longer than the tablecloth or table itself. Sort through the different sizes of overlays in CV Linens by narrowing down your search options using the filters on the website.

How do you pick the perfect overlays for tables?

If you want to improve your time management efficiency in planning an event that uses overlays, here are some tips for choosing the right one:

1. Choose the shape of the tables.

The overlays to use will depend on the shape of the tables they will cover. Round tables need round tablecloths as base linens with smaller round linens that can be used as overlays. Both round and rectangular tables can use square overlays.

2. Consider the laying style.

You can lay a square overlay flat or diagonally on top of rectangular tablecloths. Regardless of the table shape, complete the look by strategically placing proper table toppers over the table cloths.

3. Think about the theme.

Everything must blend in the event, including the overlays. For a romantic wedding table, consider elegant rosette table overlays. Add a wild accent to Jungle-themed birthdays with overlays in the colors of the jungle or animal prints.

4. Choose the right color.

The overlay can match the color of the chair covers, tablecloths, napkins, and other decors to give off a sophisticated look. If you don’t want the overly uniform theme, you can use decors with colors in different shades. Check what colors CV Linens carry if you want to get all your supplies from one source.

5. Find an appropriate fabric.

Consider the fabric’s draping ability, sheen, texture, and opacity, and find what matches the look you want for the event. Sequin overlays or velvet options can make any table look gorgeous, while organza overlays offer an elegant appeal. Satin or lace overlays are flowy enough to gracefully drape themselves on the sides, making tables look chic. CV Linens have these fabrics, plus burlap, taffeta, polyester, and more.

6. The pattern and design must match the theme.

Avoid choosing designs and patterns that clash. If you have tablecloths with intricate designs, go for solid-colored overlays or embroidered ones with subtle patterns.

Why are you using overlays?

Go back to the biggest reason why you wanted to buy wholesale table overlays in the first place. If it is to protect the table’s surface or your expensive tablecloths, use thick enough overlays to get the job done. If you want to cover up a few imperfections, satin overlays can do that. CV Linens carries overlays in different fabrics so you can get them all in one place. 

Table overlays add a punch to your event decorations and protect your tables and tablecloths. They bring a positive focus to the tables, which occupy a large area of any event venue. Fortunately, you can get many overlay options in terms of size, shape, fabric, color, and design if you shop here at CV Linens. Shop at CV Linens today for quality but cheap table overlays!

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