Acrylic Centerpiece

If you are planning a large scale event such as a wedding, centerpieces are a must to create a feeling of depth and glamour. Acrylic centerpieces effortlessly claim a place of honor amid your banquet tables, dessert tables, and buffet tables without detracting attention from the table setting and venue decor. Sometimes a good display depends more on layering objects. The clear versatility of lucite risers boasts the power to blend in and take a back seat to your other decor, providing nothing more than a lift for heightened visual presentation. Should you wish for something a little more attention-grabbing, acrylic chandelier risers lend a very distinct elegance dressed in shimmering acrylic crystal drops.

Upgrade your banquet tables with from one dimensional to multi-level! Clear table risers are great for exhibiting food for as well as displays for flowers, moss, branches, and even nests or lanterns to make pretty centerpieces for your wedding, birthday party, or baby shower. Translucent buffet risers keep brides and event planners on-trend. Granting a modern and minimalist appeal, our acrylic wedding centerpieces make the best reception decor that beautifully mingles with your every theme tablescape.

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