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Celebrate with Crystal Wedding Centerpieces

Gold, silver, and dripping with crystals, our new crystal wedding centerpieces are ready to dazzle your special day!

The crystal decorations trend may be bigger today than ever. From baby showers to Bat Mitzvahs, everyone is dying to load up their special events with twinkling crystal accents. Today’s crystals are a far cry from the tiny pieces of bling you may remember from the early 2000s. The stunning crystals from our latest centerpiece crystals are bigger, bolder, and better than ever.

We always take our customer’s requests seriously, so when you asked for more Crystal Wedding Centerpieces, we were happy to bring you more!

Crystal Cake Stand

Our new crystal centerpieces for weddings feature:

Introducing Our New Crystal Table Centerpieces

Cake Stand

Crystal Wedding Centerpieces Cake Stand Gold and Silver 14", 18" Square and Round

A crystal cake stand is an exquisite centerpiece designed to display wedding cakes or other desserts in a stunning and elegant manner. It features intricate crystal detailing that adds glamor to any event. These stands are an ideal choice for weddings and other special occasions.

CV Linens offers a stunning selection of crystal cake stands. Our collection showcases your desserts beautifully and creates focal points for your event decor.  These captivating crystal wedding centerpieces will surely impress your guests.

We offer high-quality crystal cake and cupcake stands that won't break the bank. It allows you to create a dazzling and memorable event without exceeding your budget. Whether you're planning a wedding, birthday, or any event, trust CV Linens to provide the perfect cake stands to make your event truly remarkable.

Crystal Columns

Crystal Wedding Centerpieces Column Gold and Silver

Our crystal column tabletop centerpiece is a stunning decorative element designed to enhance the ambiance of events. Its tall and elegant design features a shiny plated base and a matching topper. The space between the base and topper is filled with 24 strands of 1/2" octagonal acrylic crystals, which give it a brilliant and luxurious appearance.

These crystal column centerpieces add a touch of sophistication and glamor to any setting. They serve as a striking focal point, drawing the attention of your guests.

These wedding centerpieces with crystals are perfect for various wedding themes that aim to create a sense of elegance and luxury. They complement themes such as traditional, modern, vintage, and luxurious weddings.


Crystal Wedding Centerpieces Candelabra Gold and White

Candelabras are exquisite decorative pieces designed to hold multiple candles and elevate the ambiance of events. They are used as stunning focal points at weddings and other special occasions. Crystal candelabra centerpieces come in various styles and designs, each with its unique charm. 

Here are some of our stunning candelabra crystal wedding centerpiece options at CV Linens:

Our crystal candle holder centerpieces are a breathtaking addition to any event. They feature a combination of sparkling crystals and elegant design, creating a captivating display when paired with candles. The crystals reflect the candlelight beautifully, casting a warm and inviting glow that enhances the overall atmosphere.

2. Gold Royal Hanging Candelabra with Crystals

Our elegant royal hanging crystal candelabra centerpiece brings old Hollywood glam to your event with its cascade of glittering crystals. This tabletop candelabra boasts a stunning gold finish and dazzling design, creating a work of art for your tabletop decor. The acrylic drops and curved arms further add to its sophisticated look. It's perfect for weddings with a luxurious or a fairytale theme.

The 8-arm gold candelabra is a classic choice for those seeking timeless beauty. With its eight candle holders, it adds a sense of grandeur to any setting. It's flexible and can be used in a variety of wedding themes, including classic, vintage, or even rustic.

Glass Crystal Bowl

Crystal Wedding Centerpieces Crystal Bowl Gold and White 30

Elevate your special event with our exquisite glass crystal bowl/ball centerpieces on stands. These centerpieces are designed to make a sparkling and decorative statement that will captivate your guests. 

Each centerpiece features stunning glass crystals formed into an elegant bowl, gracefully perched atop a tall and shimmering gold or silver-plated metal stand. To add an extra dimension of glamour, place our Sumix 9 LED Event Lights inside the crystal ball. This will create a mesmerizing and colorful glow in your setting.

Acrylic Crystal Centerpiece Drop

Experience elegance with our acrylic crystal centerpiece drop. This wedding centerpiece boasts a remarkable design that will leave your guests in awe. Delicate crystal drops gracefully hang from a clear acrylic base, forming a captivating and enchanting display that sets the stage for a memorable event.

Whether you're orchestrating a wedding or a special occasion, our acrylic crystal drop centerpiece is your ticket to elevating your decor game. The sleek and contemporary design exudes sophistication, infusing your event with a touch of glamor. 

Which Piece is Your Favorite?

With so many color, size, and shape combinations to choose from, there are wedding crystal centerpiece ideas to coordinate the decor of your big day! Crystal centerpieces are also an amazing investment for use after use for different purposes. Flip over a cake stand to create a tray for party favors or candies, or transform a glass crystal bowl by topping it with flower blooms. The sky’s the limit with crystal wedding centerpieces!

Shop the Best Centerpiece Crystals at CV Linens

CV Linens is proud to be your go-to destination for high-quality and affordable crystal wedding centerpieces that add a touch of glamor to any event. 

In addition to our stunning crystal centerpieces, we have an extensive selection of event supplies to make your celebration a success. We offer exquisite table linens and decor, which includes our sleek metal cylinder cake stands.

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