Crystal Line

Crystals add the sparkle and sophistication that any event needs, from weddings and birthday parties to corporate dinners and similar gatherings. You can incorporate crystal decor with Crystal Candelabra Centerpieces, Crystal Ball Centerpieces, cake stands, and napkin rings. At CV Linens, you will find our Crystal Line decors in gold or silver and different shapes and sizes. These decors are made using the highest quality shimmering crystals, so you can use them repeatedly for dazzling elegant events. 

What are the most popular forms of centerpieces?

There are various types of centerpieces that you can use for weddings and other events, including the following:

Floral Arrangements

Flowers are the most traditional form of a centerpiece. Tall floral arrangements are suited for huge venues with high ceilings, while short ones are perfect for encouraging interactions between guests across the table. Narrow arrangements are ideal for decorating extended, farm-style tables, while wide ones best match large round tables with their rustic look.


Candles can give your event a sophisticated look without costing much. You can make them look even more elegant by pairing them with Crystal Candle Centerpieces. The warm glow of candles paired with shimmering crystals of a Crystal Gold Candle Holder would instantly create a romantic vibe at a wedding.

Hanging Chandeliers

Crystal chandeliers hanging over the dinner tables can make the entire venue look like a dining area in a mansion or castle. You can combine CV Linens’ Crystal Line with floral chandeliers to have a grand, Instagrammable setup.


Aside from putting together a pretty floral arrangement, you can also incorporate flowers into your centerpiece using vases. If you have tall arrangements, you can put them in transparent vases to avoid blocking the guests from each other’s view.

Found Objects

Don’t limit yourself to traditional centerpieces. Have fun adding DIY centerpieces or found objects to your dining tables, such as antique pieces, mason jar vases, lanterns, books or other unique found things


Loose leaves and greenery garlands can help dress tables up. CV Linens has several garlands for you to choose from. 

What is the difference between crystal products and glass decors?

You may choose between crystal and glass if you want something shiny and elegant to decorate your events. Knowing the differences between the two can help you decide the best option.

In terms of appearance, glass can appear foggy, some of which have a blue or green tint, depending on their composition. If you are looking for decors with excellent clarity, go for crystal pieces. It makes any decoration or glassware appear high-end and expensive.

Glass products usually have thick rims to reinforce their strength and make them less fragile than faux crystals. On the other hand, acrylic crystal items are not as fragile and have a thinner lighter weight design.

As mentioned, decorative crystals are not as fragile making them easier to use with longer durability. This however does not take away from the dazzling sparkle, specially when made to accent gold, silver, or rose gold metal event decor.

It is why CV Linens carries glass crystal bowl centerpieces, Crystal Napkin Rings, column tabletop centerpieces, crystal beads napkin rings, round cake stands, candle holders, and even crystal swag curtain valances in different sizes and shapes. 

If you want a shining, shimmering event, you can get that from crystal party decorations. Acrylic crystal event decor will refract the event lighting to help brighten any event venue. This characteristic makes faux crystals ideal decorations for tableware and more. 

How should you choose what centerpiece to use for a table setting?

Consider the following factors when choosing the right centerpiece for your tables: 


Party and wedding budgets might make you choose between affordable or elegant decor. Luckily CV Linens has budget-friendly crystal drop centerpieces, candle holders, or crystal ball centerpieces that you can buy and reuse for future events. 

Table Structure

For round tables, use a single, tall centerpiece such as metal centerpieces or crystal candelabras. For square tables, use candle holders, glass vases, or greeneries in different sizes to give them dimension. Long rectangular tables look best with multiple centerpieces running throughout the length of the table. Pick long and narrow centerpieces to prevent overcrowded and busy guest tables, especially if you also need to make room for tableware and napkins


Think about the event’s theme and the other tablescape decor. If you are going for glitzy, you can't go wrong by mixing floral arrangements with elegant-looking Crystal Centerpieces, floral vases, and glass mirrors, or greeneries and bird cages.

Venue Rules

Some venues do not allow brittle glass, sources of allergens, or open flames. Adjust your choice of centerpieces to comply with the venue’s policies. Instead of real candles, you can put battery-operated ones in your crystal candelabras. Instead of fresh flowers, use silk faux florals.

CV Linens offers various decors in our Crystal Line collection, from Crystal Ball Centerpieces to crystal candle holders. There are many popular types of centerpieces, but you can always pull off an elegant look if you combine other dazzling decor with crystal pieces.

If you have already considered the table setups, venue rules, budget, and event theme, browse through our website to get high-quality event decors that fit your budget and style. Shop at CV Linens today!

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