Light up your ceremony or reception with candelabra centerpieces for wedding tables! One of the best ways to demonstrate your personal style is through your wedding table decor. Candles are one of the most romantic ways to captivate guests while also shedding soft light in which to dine by. The light of a tabletop candelabra flickers and dances in enchantment with ambient lighting that really completes the perfect tablescape. Whether glamorous or understated, old-fashioned or ultra modern, candelabras sum up a distinct elegance that works with any theme.

Cast a warm glow over your banquet or head tables with a table candelabra centerpiece. Ideally suited for weddings, birthdays, and showers, these versatile ceremony centerpieces add an extra dash of sophistication to your decorative scheme. For a soft look, white or ivory taper candles are the best choice. For a more dramatic impact, black or darker candles go a long way. You can even fill them with flowers, LED lights, and more to match your theme. Our regal candelabras feature decorative arms, many draped in stunning faceted beaded crystal cups that glisten with the even the slightest catch of light. Candelabra centerpieces for flowers are romantically inspirational. They are an ideal centerpiece when used alone for understated grace. They also make the perfect accompaniment to your other decorative pieces or to highlight the delicacies of your dessert table. Start scrolling now to discover your distinct color and style! 

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