Cake & Cupcake Stands

Congratulations on choosing a wedding cake! Now it’s time to find a cake stand befitting its debut. Our elegant wedding cake stands give this anticipated treat the place of significance it deserves. Cake stands are a must-have for serving wedding cake and other desserts in a pleasing fashion. They come in a variety of styles and shapes, including popular options like clear acrylic, silver, gold, and pedestal. Choose from a classic look with beaded cake stands, let your desserts do the talking with acrylic cake stands, or make a glamorous statement with a glass mirrored crystal cupcake stand. If you are planning on serving multiple sweets, a tiered cake stand serves several desserts at once in lovely layers of yummy. These stands are also great for buffets to give your finger foods and appetizers a fabulous display makeover. To add dimension to your menu’s presentation, using multiple heights throughout your table boosts the appeal of and helps capture the full scope of the feast you’ve laid out. For a look that dazzles the senses, display cupcakes or donuts on round cake pedestal stands, serve iced cookies on vanity trays, set out petit fours on beaded cupcake stands, and arrange champagne flutes on tiered cake stands.

As you plan how to decorate a cake stand for a wedding, remember that there are a great many other uses for cupcake stands as well. Inexpensive and beautiful, cake stands make a brilliant decorating idea for guest tables. You can set out individual wedding cakes on each guest table, or you can opt to use the ornate detail and height to enhance the display of your flower arrangements, lanterns, candles, or other decorative vignettes. Our discount wedding cake stands are available at a wholesale price that looks classy, but won’t break the bank.

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