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Wholesale Cake & Cupcake Stands

Our elegant Cake and Cupcake Stands give this anticipated treat the place of significance it deserves. These stands, which also serve as dessert stands, are a must-have for serving wedding cake, treats, cupcakes,  and other desserts, or even small giveaways in a pleasing fashion. 

Details Of Our Dessert Stands

Our stands come in a variety of styles and shapes, including popular options like clear acrylic, silver, gold, and pedestal. If you are planning on serving multiple sweets, a tiered cake stand serves several desserts at once in lovely layers of yummy. These stands are also great for buffets to give your finger foods and appetizers a fabulous display makeover. 

Single-Tier Cake Stands

We offer these stands in different sizes, shapes, and styles. They can fit large wedding cakes, simple birthday cakes, or a debutante’s elegant tower cake.

We have a single-tier acrylic box stand that measures 18" inches wide, 18 inches long, and 6 inches in height. It can hold 18” cakes and make it look like it’s floating on the table because of its acrylic finish. Otherwise, we also have a smaller stand that measures 14" inches wide, 14" inches long, and 6" inches in height for smaller cakes.

If you want to step one notch up, we have gold-plated dessert stands that have a 5.5" inch silver plated pedestal, with a base stacked with row after row of dazzling acrylic crystals. They come in 18 x 18” or 14 x 14” options.

If you want a round stand for a round cake, we offer the 18” and 14” round cake stands that have a silver finish for a gorgeous-looking dessert table.

Lastly, if your event demands multiple cakes, we have a 3-set Luxe Round Cake Display Stands in gold. All stands in this set have a 4” height, and they are decked out with a 3.5” trim with a textured filigree pattern. The small stand has a 10” diameter, the medium stand has an 11.75” diameter, and the large stand has a 13.75” diameter. 

Multiple Tier Stands

Starting off this list is our signature 3-tier Wheel Ring Dessert Stand in Gold. This dessert display stands on its four feet supporting the three levels of shelves encapsulated in a circle shape for design. It is approximately 21" tall with a 19.5" W x 6" D. Its top shelf is 5" W x 14.75" L, the middle shelve is 5" W x 19.5" L, and the bottom shelve is 5" x 14.75" with 6” of spaces in between, giving enough room for display cupcakes and sweets.

Besides this, we also have a 3-tier classic acrylic cupcake dessert stand in square or round shape, both in silver color. These stands are perfect for holding desserts like cupcakes or even finger food for everyone in your party to enjoy.

If you want a minimalist look, we also have a simple 3-tier acrylic stand that also has a square or round option. And if you want something more extravagant, we have two options for our 3-tier crystal drop cupcake stands that add a unique touch to your tables. With the crystal drops falling down from the edge of each layer, your tables will never look dull.

Lastly, if you want to step it up a notch, we offer 5-tier cake stands in both round and square options. Pretty much like its 3-tier counterpart, this larger option can hold more desserts without any fuss.

Swing Stand

Lastly, we offer a swing set for your small cakes. This suspended cake swing stand is a stunning and romantic design. There is no need for a DIY cake swing with this durable hanging wedding cake stand wholesale! The best choice to display cakes and any other desserts, this cake swing stand makes a definite statement wherever it is placed.

It is approximately 39" tall with a 12" W x 23" L base and an 11.75" x 11.75" acrylic base, and the stand can hold approx. 5 lbs, perfect for small 12” cakes.

Decorating Tips

Choose from a classic look with beaded cake stands, let your desserts do the talking with acrylic cake stands, or make a glamorous statement with a glass mirrored crystal cupcake stand. Pair these stands with matching or contrasting colors of our wholesale tablecloths for a more refined look.

To add dimension to your menu’s presentation, using multiple heights throughout your table boosts the appeal and helps capture the full scope of the feast you’ve laid out. 

For a look that dazzles the senses, display cupcakes or donuts on round cake pedestal stands, serve iced cookies on vanity trays, set out petit fours on beaded cupcake stands, and arrange champagne flutes on tiered cake stands.

As you plan how to decorate a cake stand for a wedding, remember that there are a great many other uses for cupcake stands as well. Inexpensive and beautiful, cake stands make a brilliant decorating idea for guest tables. 

You can set out individual wedding cakes on each guest table, or you can opt to use the ornate detail and height to enhance the display of your flower arrangements, lanterns, candles, or other decorative vignettes. Our discount cake stands are available at a wholesale price that looks classy but won’t break the bank.

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