How To Create A DIY Faux Flower Wall For Your Wedding

How To Create A DIY Faux Flower Wall For Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be hectic, time-consuming, and extensively pocket-draining, especially if you intend to include a lot of flash and color. However, you certainly want to make such a memorable day as beautiful and as fantastic as possible. Although they come at a high price, the use of flower floral walls is a popular décor motif used at weddings. Extensively, they are used as backdrops for other events as well, but a massive amount is used at wedding ceremonies. 

Floral wedding backdrop

To save cost on roses, gardenias, and peonies, you can create an equally lush floral backdrop by making use of artificial flowers. That's right, faux flowers including white hydrangeas, silk roses, or even boxwood greenery backdrop. This would save you the extra cost while providing the same effect and décor real and fresh flowers would. With the steps and tips provided in this article, you can use spray-painted flowers made of silk and trellis to achieve a vibrant and gorgeous backdrop for your wedding.

How To Create A DIY Faux Flower Wall For Your Wedding

Before we go on ahead with the process, it is important to note that this project would demand a lot of time and patience. It is not a quick job. It could take you some hours or more, depending on how large or small your project is. 

What you need

Here's a list of supplies you would need for this project;

  • Zip ties
  • Faux ficus leaves
  • Acrylic spray paint
  • White vinyl trellis (Two)
  • Pipe-and-drape kit
  • Faux flowers of your choice

1. After collecting your materials, set up your pipe-and-drape kit by carefully following the instructions you can find in our YouTube Channel. This would serve as the base of your structure, so be sure to complete it properly. 

2. Have the top of your trellises attached to the horizontal pipe with zip ties. Note that you will need one zip tie for each opening. 

3. It's time to get even more creative. Following the work of your construction, have two-thirds of your faux flowers and leaves sprayed with paint. 

4. Wait overnight for your green leaves and flower buds to dry properly. Attach your leaves to the trellises using zip ties.

5. Finally, you can add your flowers by having their stems threaded between the trellis and the base of the leaves. To go through this step, start with the larger flowers. Cut the stems off, then have them bent back and forth.

Faux Flower Wall Backdrop DIY Ideas For Your Wedding

Just in case you are undecided about what to recreate on your DIY project, a list of flower wall backdrop ideas has been put together to guide you through your journey to creating an unforgettable wedding experience. 

#1: Use of Decorative Initials to add a personal touch

A wedding is a time for the bride and groom to take center stage unashamedly. You can surround your initials either in LED neon lights or laser cut wood in a flower wall using gold ornate lettering in combination with foliage and faux roses. This produces cozy mood lighting, which adds a personal dramatic touch to the scene. 

#2 All green flower wall backdrop

All green flower wall backdrop

Although a major feature of gardens, creating a living wall is an impressive flower wall idea you can use for weddings. You can create a living wall simply by having green boxwood grass wall panel  attached to the base of your backdrop or having the walls filled with faux trailing green plants.

#3 Use of white flowers and greenery

This is a practical flower wall decor option if your wedding is set in a tropical location. You can add an interesting visual effect to your venue with greenery and white flowers. To complete the look, opt for bamboo chairs with white cushions and lay white runners that would lead to where the flower wall is. In this case, the flower wall serves as a backdrop for taking vows. Although after the wedding, guests can use the flower wall backdrop for taking pictures as well.

#4 Vines and intertwined flowers

The general design idea most people go with when creating a flower wall backdrop is filling the entire wall with flowers. You can be different. Create an elegant statement using just floral accents, ivy garlands, and fairy lights. The vines are intertwined with the flowers, and there is a space between each line to create an airy feel instead of having the wall covered completely. 

#5 All white flower wall backdrop

All white flower wall backdrop

If you're not a fan of too many colors, or you want to give your event a sense of elegance and purity, you can go with a flower wall covered in white faux flowers.  As with every all-white decor, this enhances the space of your venue and gives the surroundings an elusive brightness. 

#6 Use of jumbo paper

Another awesome way to go DIY. This is a completely different take on flower walls. You can create a magnificent wall of roses made of jumbo paper. You can have your paper flowers sourced from any local crafts store around you or purchase them online. If you don't mind doing it all from scratch, you can make the flowers yourself.  If you do not have the time and prefer have the large flower ready, there are options where you can buy them oversized ready. 

#7 Ombre Flower Wall

This is a more traditional flower wall backdrop idea. The flower wall panels is packed with buds and little greenery. To create an ombre flower wall, choose colors that match the color scheme of your wedding and arrange the flowers from bolder colors or lighter colors or vice versa.

#8 Floral welcome sign

If you can't afford a backdrop full of flowers, you can have the welcome sign at the entrance of the wedding venue accented with colorful flowers and green details on the side. 

#9 No greenery, just flowers

No greenery, just flowers wedding backdrop

Put your creativity to the test and create a classic with nothing but flowers.  You can make use of flowers with bold, pastel, or neutral colors. Ensure that the colors are similar. 

#10 Circle Flower Wall

Round wedding flower wall arches and backdrops are quite trendy. You can adorn the entryway of your event with this beautiful backdrop.

Circle Flower Wedding Wall

Making use of artificial flowers to create a flower wall backdrop is an awesome substitute in cases where making one with real flowers or plants is not practical or achievable. Artificial flowers are an affordable option. They can be pinned up and put down with ease, and this makes them reusable.

Artificial flowers to create a flower wall backdrop
Artificial flower wall backdrop

There's no limit to your creativity. With similar DIY steps, you can have a gorgeous flower wall crafted just in time for the special day.

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