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How to Set Up a Portable Flower Wall Backdrop

Putting up a flower wall can effortlessly bring people’s focus to a specific area in an event. If you are planning a wedding, the best spot for a portable flower wall backdrop would be the backdrop for the wedding vows, the entrance, or behind the bridal table during the reception. Flower walls also work well at birthday parties, corporate events, photo shoots, and visual merchandising displays. If you want to use them for future events, you can learn how to do them here and what you should buy from CV Linens for your DIY flower wall backdrop.

Deciding What To Use For Your Flower Wall Panel

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The most popular types of flowers used in flower walls are roses. Roses are easily found and low maintenance compared to other flowers. You can put them in water picks and expect them to survive for hours. CV Linens has silk, foam rose flowers, and rose flower wall backdrop panels you can buy.

Flower walls may also use greenery for texture. You can find artificial Italian ruscus greenery garland at CV Linens to complete your flower wall’s look. 

If you are torn between using real flowers and faux ones, consider how long the event will be and its environment. A flower wall that needs to be used for more than a day needs silk flowers because fresh ones will wilt before the event ends. If the event only runs for a few hours, you can afford to use fresh blooms as long as they are properly hydrated. 

It also matters where the event is to be held. If it is outdoors in warm temperatures, fresh flowers will likely die during the event before it wraps up. Faux flowers will be a better choice if you want to keep impressing your guests. 

What You Need For A DIY Portable Flower Wall

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Are you set on making your flower wall? If you are, here are the things you will need: 


  • Wire cutters or scissors
  • A portable wood backdrop wall 
  • Thumbtacks or push pins 
  • Artificial flower wall backdrop panel


You do not need to make one from scratch when you can buy a wall backdrop panel with faux flowers and greenery from our store. CV Linens carries foam and silk flowers, such as roses with hydrangeas and hydrangeas, in 16” x 20” panels. You can find them in white, cream, red, light pink, lavender, baby blue, fuchsia and light pink, blush, purple, and a mix of other colors. Others are already a mix of silk flowers and greenery.

The variety of colors of flower wall panels you can shop at CV Linens should make it easier to find which one to use for your events. Consider the theme and the client’s preferred color scheme. You can do the same before you choose the colors of your backdrop drapes, table linens, and other decors.

Choosing Backing For Your Portable Flower Wall Backdrop 

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If you have decided on using a portable wall to put flowers on, you can choose from several materials as backing. The top options would be PVC or plastic panels, canvas or fabric, wire mesh, portable frames with attachments, and plywood or MDF. 

Foam Boards

Foam boards are lightweight and portable. They can be bought in different thicknesses online or in craft stores. You can attach the flowers to the foam using pins or adhesives. But if you want to use the flower wall panels from CV Linens filled with flowers, get significantly thick foam boards. 


Canvas is also lightweight and flexible to use. Look for solid-colored fabrics and attach the flowers by sewing or gluing them to the canvas with an adhesive. Canvas wall backdrops can be rolled for easy transport. 

Wire Mesh

Wire mesh is easy to assemble or disassemble and transport. You do not need nails to attach the flowers to the backing material. You can use zip ties, floral wire, or weaves through the wire mesh’s openings.

Portable Frames

Portable frames with attachments are designed to accommodate flower walls. You can secure the flowers to the frame using the attachment points. Look for frames that are adjustable or collapsible for easy transport.


Plywood is another portable backing material that can stand on its own and accommodate multiple flower panels loaded with blooms. Cut the wood into your desired dimensions and check that it is thick and strong enough to support the flowers’ weight. If you choose CV Linens’ flower wall panels, you can attach the panels using staples or thumbtacks. 

How To Make A Portable Flower Wall Backdrop

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You must be as efficient as possible when you have a big party to organize. It makes sense to buy ready-made flower wall panels. If you have set your eyes on using faux flowers, do away with buying individual silk flowers and tying them one by one on a wall panel. Shop for ready-made 16” x 20” flower backdrop panels here at CV Linens and follow these steps:

Arrange the flower wall panels on the wood board. Once you have arranged them as you’d like, mark the spots where you will later push the thumbtacks. Ensure the flower panels cover every inch of the wood’s surface to conceal the wood underneath completely. If the flower panel is too big or small for the wood, you can easily cut one to ensure everything fits. 

Secure the flower panels to the wood. Put the thumbtack through the net material of the flower panel to stick it to the wood. Follow the marks you placed earlier. Make sure the edges of the panels are stuck to the wood securely. Add more thumbtacks on the inner parts of the panel for added security.

Add more decor as needed. If you have a rose wall backdrop from CV Linens but you need more texture, add more hydrangeas or Italian ruscus greenery. The shop also carries many silk flower bush bundles of faux roses and peonies. 

Do you have a clear vision now of what your portable flower wall backdrop should look like? Follow the DIY steps above to pull off your vision. You can start shopping for the supplies at CV Linens, from the flower wall panels and faux flowers to matching sheer curtain panels and table linens for the events. Shop at CV Linens today.

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