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New: Stripe Glitz & Satin Backdrops

Glitz Stripe

We’ve had some 100% brand new, colorful arrivals come in since our last post to bring you an even larger selection of items to choose from and make sure your event is covered wherever you need it. Just in time for Summer, below are a few of our new favs for decorating your pipe & drape set.

Purple Striped Glitz   Purple Striped Glitz

Turquoise Striped Glitz   Turquoise Striped Glitz

Glitz Stripe

We briefly mentioned the Glitz Stripe Purple & White and Glitz Stripe Turquoise & White in our last New Arrival post, but we’re happy to announce the items available in these colors has greatly expanded! You’ll now be able to find them as rectangular tablecloths, round tablecloths, and square table overlays.The Purple & Turquoise flair have already proven to be a fan favorite and are selling fast. If you’re thinking about stocking up on them be sure to do so soon before we’re out of stock and are waiting on more to come in! We’d hate to leave you heartbroken. As with our entire Glitz line, each sequin on these items are hand-sewn into our durable taffeta to ensure quality and a luxe look. Taffeta is a thicker, completely opaque under-fabric; you don’t have to worry about getting another tablecloth to go underneath our Glitz tablecloths!

Oversize Chair Flowers Oversize Chair Flowers Oversize Chair Flowers Oversize Chair Flowers


Oversize Chair Flowers

Who said florals are just for Spring? Our new Oversize Chair Flowers are a bold and innovative way to transition your love of flowers between the seasons! Each flower is hand-made on sheer organza and taffeta, features a unique frost pattern, and measures around 12″ x 12″. They can be placed side-by-side on a chair or easily centered when only one is used. Each flower has a back wire support to ensure the petals stay upright for your event, horizontal velcro with extra room to guarantee each flower can fit around a chair cover, and top vertical velcro so the flower’s top can be attached to a chair remain upright.

These flowers aren’t just limited to chairs, though; they can be used to tie wall drapery together, as centerpieces and table decor, around the base of a table, in photo booth backdrops, and much more! With all of the different ways they can be used they’ll be sure to catch your guests’ attention as a main statement piece. Colors currently in stock: Red, Fuchsia, Yellow, Pink, White, Ivory, and Champagne!

Pipe and Drape Set    Pipe and Drape Set

Satin Drapes for your Pipe & Drape Set

To top it all off we’re already expanding our backdrop line for pipe & drape sets to ensure your basics are covered! We’re happy to announce we’ve added a Satin Backdrop option to our selection of drapery for pipe & drape sets.

This material is similar in opacity to our Poly Premier but carries a higher sheen for that extra romantic, whimsical feel you’ll need to really launch your decor in the right direction! They’re fire retardant, easy to maintain, and perfect for weddings, large events, trade shows, photo booths, showrooms, and theaters. Currently we carry our Satin Backdrop/Drapery in 96″ x 60″ White and 120″ x 60″ White.


Are there any specific colors you’d like us to get in stock for drapery as we continue to expand this line? Don’t forget you can always check out our new arrivals here!

We also have an announcement coming later this week (it’s a pretty big deal), so keep your eyes on the blog for our big update.


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