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3 Ways to Use Event Drapes After Your Party is Over

3 Ways to Use Event Drapes After Your Party Teepee Backdrop Home Decor

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Event Drapes After The Party

If you had an event and you’re looking for a way to reuse your event drapes we have some tips that might help you free up some storage space! Today we will be focusing on three brilliant ways to repurpose your drapes.

Events can really get expensive. Once they’re over, you’re left with all the event decor and linens. As a matter of fact most of the time they get put in storage and forgotten about. This takes up storage space and is a waste of perfectly good linens. Most people don’t know that you can repurpose just about any of your event linens! This guarantees you get the most out of your linens and the funds spent on them.

When it comes to reusing your event drapes the possibilities are endless since drapes are long pieces of fabric – you can use them for almost anything! We chose three of our favorite ways to get a little creative with your leftover drapes. 

3 Ways to Use Event Drapes After Your Party Home Decor Drape Design

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1. Home Decor

Using your drapes as home decor may seem a little obvious to some, but you may be surprised how many different ways you can use them to breathe new life into your home. For example, you can use them as ordinary curtains on your windows, or you can get a little creative with them and add an elegant drapery design to an otherwise drab room. In addition other ways you can use them around your home is as a bed canopy, room divider, closet divider, or around your outdoor patio.
3 Ways to Use Event Drapes After Your Party Home Decor Drape Design

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2. Photo or Video Backdrop

Photo and video backdrops seem extravagant but they’re actually very simple to make. Did you know that specialty drapes like our glitz sequin, payette sequin, and rosette satin make for perfect photo backdrops? You can repurpose your pipes and drapes to create jaw-dropping backdrops for portraits and videos. As seen above, sequin backdrops are popular to use for photography. They reflect light for a glittering effect. Once you add the sparkling drapes of your choice to your backdrop, you'll see magical results. Using this tip you can transform any photo or video from good to great! 

3 Ways to Use Event Drapes After Your Party Kids Teepee

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3. Kid’s Teepees

This one is definitely the most creative way to repurpose your event drapes. We’re in love with the adorable kid’s teepee’s popping up online. They are a great way of getting the same nostalgic blanket fort effect without having to tear it down afterward. With just a few items and your leftover drapes you can create your own teepee! This is a fun and easy project that you can make with your children. We’re sure this affordable craft will leave a lasting impression!

Let Your Creativity Soar

We’re excited to see how you use these tips to repurpose your event drapes. We hope we inspired you to get crafty and create something new and eye catching with your event decor! Follow us on Pinterest for more DIY ideas.

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How to Use Event Drapes Once Your Party is Over

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