What Is The Fastest Way To Unwrinkle A Tablecloth?

Imagine you’re preparing last minute for a dinner party and when you unravel the tablecloth from its container you see a river of wrinkles. Don’t fret, this happens to the best of us. But fear not, there's a way out!

In this blog post, we will show you how to unwrinkle tablecloths the fastest way possible. You don’t have to worry much about these kinds of small road bumps that may cause a delay in your party planning and decoration.

Fastest And Best Way To Get Wrinkles Out Of Tablecloths

Let's face it, ironing a giant tablecloth isn't exactly our idea of fun. Luckily, some awesome methods get the job done just as well, and way faster!

If you want to go the fastest route, you might want to try wrinkle-resistant tablecloths like polyester or spandex table linens, so you don’t have to worry much about these issues.

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Method 1: Steam Method

This one's perfect if you have a clothes steamer on hand. This is also a must-have for party planners, especially if you’re preparing for a wedding. It will be very handy for times like these.

Just hold the steamer a safe distance away (about arm’s length) from the fabric and gently move it back and forth over the wrinkles. Remember, hot steam can burn, so be careful and keep your hands out of the way!

Method 2: Hot Water

Don't have a steamer? No problem! Grab a kettle and heat some water. Carefully pour hot water over the wrinkled areas or soak the entire tablecloth for a few minutes. After that, lay it flat on a drying rack or hang it to dry quickly. As a reminder, make sure your tablecloth is okay with getting wet first – some fabrics might not like it!

Method 3: Hair Dryer

This might be the slowest among these methods, but still a great and fast way to unwrinkle a tablecloth. Trust us, it works! 

Use your hairdryer on the low heat setting and hold it a safe distance from the fabric. Move the dryer around the wrinkles to relax the fibers. Just like with the steamer, be careful not to hold it too close or you might scorch the tablecloth.

Method 4: Fabric Spray

In a pinch, fabric refresh sprays designed to relax wrinkles can be a lifesaver. Simply follow the directions on the spray bottle and mist the wrinkled areas. This method might not be as effective for deep wrinkles, but it can work wonders for light creases.

You can also try these methods on backdrops or chair covers, provided that the linens allow ample heat.

Tips And Tricks

Now that you've got your wrinkle-fighting arsenal, here are some extra tips to ensure a smooth and flawless tablecloth:

1. Taming the Stubborn Ones

For particularly stubborn wrinkles, try using a wrinkle-release spray in combination with any of the methods mentioned earlier. The double whammy of heat/moisture and the spray will help relax those deep creases.

2. Drying Dilemmas

When drying your tablecloth after using the hot water method, be mindful to avoid shrinkage or water spots. Laying it flat on a drying rack is usually the safest option. If you choose to hang it, make sure it's evenly spread out to prevent any misshapen drying.

3. Prevention is Key

Here's a secret: the best way to deal with wrinkles is to avoid them altogether! When storing your tablecloth, try folding it loosely instead of tightly creasing it. You can also roll it up around a cardboard tube to minimize wrinkles.

If stubborn wrinkles are still giving you a hard time after trying these, you can try combining any of these methods with a wrinkle-release spray for extra muscle. Just follow the instructions on the spray bottle and watch those wrinkles disappear!

Learning these few methods on how to get wrinkles out of a tablecloth fast can save you time, which can lead to more preparation for other aspects of your party.

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