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Groovy 70s Theme Party Decorations

Let’s go back to the past. The 70’s is touted as a glorious time for fun and partying. And we just can’t help reliving the vibe and the glamor. That’s probably also why we keep on choosing it as a theme for the parties we hold. But how can we get 70s-themed party decorations to complete the festive mood?

What ideas for a 70s party can we create from what we can get from the stores? Can we perhaps throw a rainbow theme party to celebrate the technicolor dreams of the past? Before we dive deep, a quick reminder, check out the CV Linens Rewards page so you can get updated with what we have in store for our loyal customers.

Send In Some Shimmer

Aside from the bright, multi-colored motif of the 70s, one thing that sets it apart is its use of the disco ball as a centerpiece. Don’t forget to tell your guests to wear a disco themed outfit to match the groove of it all.

For the table setup, make it shimmer and make it shine. To match your disco ball on top, drape your dining ensemble with some disco party theme decorations. Sequin tablecloths are a great starter to make the impression that you want your guests to dance the night away! We have lots of these in our online store, so be sure to check out our overstock discount collection to get the best deals for your 70s party supplies.

Alternatively, if you’re feeling that a full sequin tablecloth may be too much, you can opt for a plain design for the tablecloth but pair it with a sequin table runner so you get the best of both worlds.

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Glitz Sequin Mesh Net 12ft H x 52" W Drape/Backdrop panel - Silver
Glitz Sequin Table Runner - Gold
Glitz Sequins 120" Round Tablecloth - Black

Don’t Forget The Tie-Dye




Time to set off your 70s party games! You can add some more decor like lava lamps and beaded curtains to make your setup livelier and more consistent with the theme. Of course, the party mood can become way better if you start some games like roller disco or a disco dance-off! Everybody loves cheering and merry-making!

To top it off, do a 70s Music Trivia Quiz with a special prize - a tie-dye shirt to give your guests memorabilia from this special night. 

lava lamps

Gold Never Gets Old

Looking for a timeless idea for your 70s theme party decorations? You can never go wrong with gold. A gold disco ball for a 70s party centerpiece? Phenomenal!

If you’re doing gold and disco, then don’t hold back. Maximize the elegance and the impact of gold decors and 70s party supplies by being consistent. Lace your invitations with some gold linings. Get some backdrops and gold-laced beaded curtains.

You can also tweak your dining selection with out-of-this-world food options such as classic cocktails, Jell-o, a sweet or savory fondue! Make sure to lay them down on a gold sequin table runner as your chef’s kiss to your masterpiece.

When holding a 70s theme party, decorations and the stores you can get them from are all around. When you’re working with themed parties, though, you want to make sure you’re getting the best quality for the value of your money.

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Throw a Groovy 70s Party to Remember

Many ideas for 70’s parties can be chosen from when we hold our special events. The glitz, the glamor, the groove of it all. It’s what we have to capture. Don’t forget the shimmer, the color and the quintessential gold when planning your party. While the party decor sets the mood, the food, the games and the music will complete and make your dream theme achieve its success. 

And we’re happy to tell you, we’ve got your back on this. In CV Linens, you can check out a wide array of selections for 1970s party decorations. You won’t run out of ideas once you browse through the website. And the best part: you can have a good feel of the product even before you hit the checkout button with the high-resolution photos and testimonials from our satisfied customers.

If you’re looking for affordable supplies and bigger discounts, you can check out more deals and buy party supplies in bulk from our store. 

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