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10 Things To Know On How to Host a Memorable Corporate Event

Learning how to host a corporate event includes a lot of preparation and organization. You play a crucial role as an events planner. To achieve the best corporate event experience, you are responsible for not just planning and setting up the event, you have to consider even the tiniest details up to when the event has ended.

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Five C's Of Successful Event Management

Keep in mind that a corporate event is not anything close to throwing a party. You need to consider the five C’s of event management which are concept, coordination, control, culmination, and closeout. These five elements cover the simplest details to the most important ones so you won’t have to worry much about missing anything needed for doing corporate event planning.

1. Concept

Think about the “feel” of your event. At this point, you should answer “What is the purpose of the event?” and then have a concept that will make the occasion worth remembering.

2. Coordination

Coordination is where execution happens. With a concept or idea in mind, you’ll have a better idea of how the venue would actually look like.

3. Control

Control is feeling the event yourself and preparing for anything unexpected so your event will still push through even when the worst happens.

4. Culmination

Culmination is dealing with the event on the day itself. You have to make sure that everything that was planned will fall into place

5. Closeout

The planning is done and the event is done. But that doesn’t mean you’ve done your job. You have to consider that all the contracts have been dealt with and the venue is cleared.

Factors to Consider When Preparing for Corporate Events

With the five C’s in mind, you can start working on planning your event. We’ll divide them into three categories: planning stage, venue, and branding, which are the three most important points you need to know when organizing.


Planning starts with organizing everything you need to bring the event to life. It includes writing everything down from the smallest details to the most obvious ones.

1. Know What You Want To Accomplish

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You need to understand the purpose of your event. Know the goals and objectives so you can plan accordingly.

This is where the first C in the five C’s come to play: Concept. Establishing the why’s and what to expect should give you a clearer picture in learning how to plan a successful event, which also plays a huge role in preparing one.

2. Define Your Target Audience

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You should be able to provide the needs and wants of the audience attending your event. In addition to the whys and whats, it is also equally relevant to know who the occasion is for.

It should help you know how to set a theme for the event and even cover small details like setting up the stage, picking the best event drapings and backdrops, looking for event table covers, stylish table runners, fancy disposable plates, and more.

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3. Set A Budget


Set a realistic budget so you’ll be able to know as early at this stage of the process how and what to expect. It is one of the most critical steps and having a budget set for each element of the event should give you an idea of which suppliers to get.

As a rule of thumb, once you’ve determined a realistic budget, add 10% more to that for extra costing and emergency funds.

When setting up a budget, don’t skimp on food and drinks. It is something attendees look forward to in any event and spending less on these could prevent the people from enjoying the event.

4. Set A Timeline


At this point, the planning stage should be done and it is time for execution. This is where the second C comes in: Coordination.

After setting a timeline, it is time to do the actual execution of putting things together to have a physical setup for the event. Staying organized throughout the entire process is essential to pulling off a successful event. From setting up tables and sound systems, and packing up when everything is done should be carefully planned to have a smooth flow.

5. Plan the Day


This is where the third C comes in: Control. Plan the day properly and carefully think of damage control and backup plans in case something happens. For example, when a speaker has to cancel at the last minute, make sure you have a backup plan for that.

6. Closeout

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The last phase of event planning is closing out, which is also the last C in the five C’s of planning. This is the time to celebrate your event and evaluate everything you did for it to be successful so you’ll know what to do and what to avoid the next time you have another event.


One of the most important points in planning these kinds of occasions is picking a perfect corporate event venue. You need to find an appropriate location to bring all the planning to life.

7. Pick A Location

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You need to consider the location that should be easily accessible, have lots of parking space, and have a vibrant atmosphere to make everyone comfortable. Also, consider the logistics for suppliers such as catering and party supplies so that bringing everything into the venue should be a breeze.

If you have budget restrictions, it is ideal to pick unpopular dates and times, which usually are priced lower than other days.


You want to have a memorable event that will please not just the attendees’ minds, but their eyes as well. From marketing how the occasion would look to letting the people know about the event is crucial. This is the point where you would also consider how the event would feel to have a lasting memory for those attending.

8. Choose A Theme

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Corporate events usually target professionals and having formal themes gives you the option to pick more neutral-colored tones such as dark blue, black, or navy for more sophisticated themes. On the other hand, choosing warm colors like brown, yellow, and orange should bring more enthusiasm, which should fit even more formal events.

9. Take Advantage Of Technology

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For the day itself, it is best to take advantage of the use of technology to make everything smooth for the day. This is where the fourth C comes in: Culmination.

There are various apps that you can use to manage events properly, from checking the attendance of the people invited to having a checklist for everything you would need. Some apps have a collaboration feature that grants access to everyone involved in the process so you’ll know how everything is being prepared and is turning out even on the actual day of the event.

At the same time, you can use gadgets such as walkie-talkies for easier communication.

10. Promote


The event itself won’t be considered successful without any attendees. Part of the preparation and fulfillment of a successful event is the promotion and informing everyone who will come what they should expect on the occasion.

Take advantage of how social media works and create event pages, constant updates, and posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter to reach more people. At the same time, you can also create landing pages on existing websites or create new pages showcasing what people should expect from your event.

Final Thoughts

While planning, finding a venue, and branding are the three most important steps when organizing a party, you also need to keep in mind the smallest details to complete the entire event. 

Preparation is very important if you want to know how to host a corporate event. Make sure that your guests enjoy the meal, have everything planned, and make sure everyone has fun.

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