How To Keep Wedding Arches From Falling?

Wedding arches are an important part of any wedding party. This symbolic decor piece is a must-have to frame any couple’s exchange of vows. Because of its structure, one common problem for wedding arches is that they can fall over. This is especially true for DIY weddings.

In this blog, you’ll learn how to keep your wedding arches from falling. Explore wedding arch stand options and the basics of arch bases and ground anchors for a smooth-sailing wedding ceremony.

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Choose a Sturdy Base

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The key to keeping your arch stands upright throughout a wedding ceremony is choosing a sturdy base. Wedding arch bases are important decor pieces that ensure the stability of your arch. Below we delve into their different types and what to use depending on your event space.

Wedding Arch Base Options

1. Cement Base

An indoor arch wedding base made out of cement is one of the sturdiest DIY bases that you can make.

Take an aesthetic-looking metal bucket and fill it with cement. Place a PVC pipe that’s wide enough to accommodate your wedding arch stands. Wait for the cement to dry up and make sure to test the fit for your arch stands. Put up some pebbles of faux grass on top of the bucket’s surface to give it a more polished look.

The only drawback to this sturdy base is that it’s challenging to move around. But you can be sure that your wedding arches stay up throughout your ceremony. You can also opt for other containers with a look that fits your party’s theme.

2. Wooden Arch Base

A wooden arch base is an alternative to a metal bucket base filled with cement. Use logs and drill a hole in the center enough to accommodate your arch stands. You can fill in with cement to tighten any loose spaces.

Decorate with greenery at the base of the arches. This decor piece not only stabilizes your arch but is also a perfect addition to any rustic-themed wedding.

3. Flower Pot Base

This DIY wedding base is perfect for garden-themed weddings both indoors and outdoors. Take a pair of large flower pots and fill them with soil, stones, and sand. Put a PVC tube large enough to fit your wedding arch stands. 

These flowerpots can serve as the base for your wedding arch which can be decorated with floral decor and greenery. Decorate the surface of the flower pot with lush greenery and florals as well for a seamless look. 

Secure Ground Anchors

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding with ground with grass, sand, or any other soft surface, you can also use ground anchors. These work well for garden weddings and beach weddings.

Ground anchors are decorative accessories that anchor wedding arch stands to your ground surface to stabilize them. These are important in keeping your arches from falling over or toppling down. These are especially important for DIY wedding arches that may tend to fall over.

Tent pegs are some ground anchors you can use for your event. These are durable metal materials made out of aluminum and steel typically used for securing tarpaulins and tents for events and camping. They can also be used to secure wedding arches. 

These come in a variety of lengths ranging from 7-12 inches. You can use them to anchor your arch to the ground to make sure they are stable throughout the event.

Use Sandbags or Weights

For venues where driving stakes into the ground is not feasible, such as on pavement or indoors, you can opt to use sandbags or wedding arch weights. Put some weight on the base of your arches to make sure they aren’t blown down by the wind or tipped over by guests.

You can use a variety of materials as weight. You can use sandbags, bricks, concrete blocks, or even metal weights. Place these over a solid base to strengthen your arch. Some wedding arches also integrate metal weights into their design.

Choose the right material that best fits your theme. You can get creative with your weights and integrate them into wedding arches ideas.

For a minimalist look, you can choose red brick bases and integrate them into your decor. For a rustic and bohemian affair, choose some sandbags dressed up with burlap cloth and greeneries. For a more modern look, utilize metal weights adorned with LED lights. Mix and match decor options to maximize your event decor. 

Well-Balanced Floral and Decor Arrangements

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Now you’ve got the basics down to make sure your wedding arches don’t fall over. You can then move on to making sure your arches look stunning on your special occasion. Balancing the aesthetic appeal of a wedding arch with its strength and stability is important to strike the right balance between style and function.

One quick way to elevate your arches is to use wedding arch covers. Choose from a variety of fabrics, colors, and design options to fit your theme. You can also elevate your arches with backdrops, drapes, and accessories. Consider using faux flowers and greeneries or LED lights wrapped around your arches to add detail. 

Professional Installation

If you’re on a tight schedule and don’t have the time for DIY fixes, consider hiring professional event planners and wedding decorators to dress your event. You can also opt for premium-quality wedding arches and accessories over DIY options. This way you can be sure you have top-of-the-line material that can withstand weight and pressure.

CV Linens offers heavy-duty backdrop frame stands that are perfect for wedding ceremonies. You can choose from our wide variety of fabric, color, and design options. Made out of top-quality metal, these wedding arches meet both style and function.

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FAQ on Wedding Arches

1. How do you secure a wedding arch on the beach?

For beach weddings, secure your wedding arches with tent pegs or sandbags. For beach weddings, opt for arches that have a wide base you can secure with wedding arch weights made of sand or metal. If you’re at a beach resort with soil, you can opt for tent pegs or weights. 

2. What do you put on the base of a wedding arch?

To decorate your wedding arch base, arrange some flowers and greenery, fabric, or candles. Place them around the bottom of your arch stands to create a seamless transition from arch to base. 

3. How to anchor wedding arches?

Anchor wedding arches with tent pegs that allow you to secure your arches to the ground. Some arches come with metal anchors. You can also choose to secure your arches with weights made of sand, concrete, or metal.

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